My Dog Drips Water Everywhere After Drinking (How To Stop It?)

dog driping water all over after drinking

When it comes to being ‘neat’, I am sure this word doesn’t quite exist in both my dog and cat. I wouldn’t expect my pets to understand the concept of being neat but when it comes to my dog, it is a whole different level.

Every time my dog has finished eating or drinking from his water bowl, it looks like a hurricane just passed by. It’s actually worse after he is done drinking water with the tiny lakes he creates around the house.

Why is my dog dripping water everywhere after drinking? The reason most dogs drip water everywhere after drinking from their water bowls has to do with the way they drink water. Dogs drink by lapping water into their mouths by using their tongue. This action can create a lot of spillages and dripping after they are done. However, there are ways that you can help your dog to create less of a mess.

If you have a dog who is a messy drinker, I will be sharing a few proven methods that I use to keep my house ‘drip-free’, well almost.

Why Does My Dog Get Water Everywhere When It Drinks?

dog drinking water everywhere

For someone that likes wearing socks at home when it’s cold, it feels really yucky when I happened to step on a cold wet puddle of water courtesy of my dog.

To try and understand why this is happening, I’ve spent countless times just observing how my dog drinks from his drinking bowl.

And I would suggest you do the same too.

Lapping It Up

dog drink water lapping tongue

Your dog drinks water by lapping it up with its tongue. It will curl its tongue backward and sort of use it like a scoop. I notice that the longer my dog drinks, he will more likely start to spill water out around the area.

The lapping gets faster and more aggressive as he drinks more from the water dish. I hardly see my cat being a sloppy drinker as his tongue is more tuned for scooping up water with its rough surface.

I actually tried to mimic this drinking action and trust me when I say that even after a few minutes of lapping a bowl of water, I’m still thirsty.

It’s not possible to get enough water in your mouth without lapping fast enough and trying to not make a mess was next to impossible.

Flew And Jowls

Making a mess at his drinking area is just half of the problem. The other half happens when he is done drinking water but still drips water like a leaky faucet all over the house.

When we drink, we use our lips to grab onto the rim of a cup or straw. This helps to prevent spillage and mess. The lips on our dogs don’t quite serve this purpose.

The upper lip of your dog is called the ‘flew‘ and it comes in various lengths depending on the breed of your dog.

There are some dog breeds that have floppy faces or long jowls which is skin that hangs on either side of your dog’s mouth.

These dog breeds are:

  • Bloodhounds
  • Great Danes
  • St Bernards
  • Mastiffs
  • Bulldogs

Dogs with bigger flew and jowls tend to have water and water drool trapped between the skin which can then drip all over the floor as they move about the house.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Leaking Water After Drinking?

There isn’t a fool-proof method that can keep your home bone dry. A dog’s drinking habit differs from dog to dog but it basically boils down to their way of drinking.

There are some methods that I’ve used over the years which have helped in some ways.

Use A Waterproof Mat

Placing a large enough mat under your dog’s water bowl would be one way to keep the area dry. It is better to have the water splash on the mat than on the floor.

A few things to take note of when buying a mat.

I’ve tried mats that absorb water well but they tend to stay damp and start to smell after a few days. If you plan to use such a mat or a towel, make sure to change it out frequently.

Don’t just get a mat that is big enough for your dog’s water bowl. The mat that I have is almost 1m by 1m. This helps to keep the surrounding area dry. It isn’t possible to always find a big enough mat so what I will do is get a couple of non-slip bathroom mats and form a large mat.

Having a mop nearby comes in handy when having to dry up the mat.

Place The Water Bowl Outside

dog drink water outside

I have some friends who place their dog’s water bowl outside in the backyard or garden. There’s no need for a mat even as the water just spills outdoors.

However, I’m not too keen on this when I tried it for a few weeks. I noticed that my dog’s drinking bowl got dirty and dusty quickly from being outside.

I had to make sure to change the water a few times a day. Furthermore, if the water is left outside at night, other wild animals can drink from the same water bowl and contaminate it.

These are some factors to consider if you plan to place your dog’s water bowl outside.

Get A Dog Drinking Bottle

A dog’s drinking bottle is basically a bigger version of a drinking bottle that is used for hamsters and rabbits.

It is an upside-down bottle with a long drinking tube attached to it. At the end of the opening is a small ball bearing that allows water to flow out when it turns.

I’m quite a fan of this drinking bottle as your dog doesn’t have to fight against gravity to get water in its mouth. All it has to do is lick the tube and water will flow into its mouth which causes very little to no mess.

This method is good for small to medium-sized dogs. If you have a large dog like a Great Dane, the bottle might be too small for it.

Use A Pail

dog drinking from pail

Pet owners with big dogs need to find a bowl that is large enough for the dog. A drinking bowl that is too small can’t hold enough water and it’s easy for your dog to make a mess too.

By using a small pail, it can provide enough water for your dog and still contain any spillage. Make sure that the pail’s opening isn’t too small for your dog’s face and isn’t too high.

Wipe Your Dog’s Mouth

Most of the above methods can help contain the spillage around your dog’s bowl and surrounding area.

But if you have a dog with really long and flappy jowls, it is going to drip water everywhere on the floor. My dog has average-sized jowls and he can drip water from my kitchen all the way upstairs to my bedroom.

The best way around this is to try and wipe your dog’s mouth after its drinks water. You won’t be able to do it all the time but get ready to do so when you see your dog making its way to quench its thirst.

Do Not Restrict Your Dog’s Drinking

When it comes to our dogs drinking water, you need to always make sure that there is an ample supply of fresh water at any time.

Please do not try and only leave out the water bow when you are at home or at certain times of the day.

It is important for your dog to drink water to prevent any kidney and urinary diseases.

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