Bow Legged Cats (Is This Condition Normal?)

bow legged cats

Not too long ago, I was at the vet waiting to pick up my cat’s kidney medication. I ended up speaking with a foster who had brought in a kitten that was bow legged for a physical exam. Apparently, this fosterer has been fostering kittens for more than two decades and has seen her fair … Read more

Black Spots On Cat’s Gums (Do I Need To Worry?)

black spot on cat's gums

Every fortnightly, both my cat and dog will get a thorough body examination done by me. My family members call it ‘outraging my pets’ modesty’ and for good reason. I make it a point to run my hands all over their bodies looking for bumps and sores that have appeared out of nowhere. I will … Read more

Can Spinning A Cat Hurt It?

can spinning a cat hurt it

If there is one thing that I love doing, it would be finding new ways to entertain my cat. He tends to get lazier as he gets older so it is important that he remains stimulated. However, I draw the line at putting my cat in a position that can make it stressed or uncomfortable. … Read more

Cat Growing Whiskers On Its Head? (Whiskers Or Antennas?)

cat growing whiskers on head

There are times when I look at my cat and wonder what he would look like if he lost all his whiskers. Probably not very cat-like. A cat’s whiskers are more than just part of its identity and they do play a very important role in your cat’s day-to-day life. Although we tend to usually … Read more

I Gave My Cat Too Much Dewormer (What Should I Do?)

gave too much dewormer to my cat

As a cat owner, it is vital that you remain up-to-date with your pet’s deworming schedule. After all, worms can cause debilitating symptoms in your feline friend and could even kill it. But what happens if pet owners accidentally give their cats too much dewormer? Perhaps one administered the dewormer and some other family member … Read more