About Us

In a world rife with pet care misconceptions, Pets Beam believes in the power of education to transform the lives of pets and their families.

We do this by dispelling harmful myths and replacing them with actionable, evidence-based knowledge.

Our mission?

To shape an enlightened community of pet owners that are aware of their pets’ unique needs and dedicated to providing them with utmost care.

We seek to instigate change, sparking a deeper understanding and appreciation of our beloved pets.

The heartbeat of this site is our dedicated team – a mix of animal enthusiasts, seasoned pet foster parents and lifelong pet owners.

Each one brings decades of hands-on experience and a passion for pet well-being to our collective table.

Together, we work relentlessly to provide the most accurate and relevant pet care guidance.

Join us on this mission to elevate pet care beyond common myths and misconceptions.

Together, we can ensure our pets lead the healthy, fulfilling lives they deserve.

A Word From Our Editor

“Having shared my home with pets for decades, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating through misinformation. It’s a privilege to lead the Pets Beam team, a group I consider family, bound by our shared passion and purpose. As we unveil the truths about pet care, I’m filled with hope and gratitude for each of you joining our mission. Together, let’s foster a world where every pet thrives.”

Jessica Carter

Our Authors

Here’s a brief overview of the wonderful people who have dedicated their time and effort to sharing their years of knowledge on Pets Beam.

Nora Quill

Nora is a passionate writer inspired by her two cats, a loyal dog, and her garden.

When she’s not writing or reading, she finds solace in gardening, which serves as her form of meditation.

Her blog offers readers a mix of book recommendations, animal stories, and gardening tips. Welcome to Nora’s world of “paws, petals, and page-turners.”

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Ignatius Thorne

Ignatius Thorne, known as ‘Iggy the Explorer,’ is passionate about hiking, writing, and animals.

He’s currently writing books that combine his love for adventure and storytelling.

Iggy is also an animal lover who has owned and fostered pets, and volunteers at local animal shelters.

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