Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (The Art Of Overacting)

why are huskies so dramatic

“My husky is so mellow and quiet”. It might be true in another parallel universe but on planet earth, these are the type of adjectives that won’t do a husky’s personality justice. With their soulful howling (screaming) and their never-ending zoomies, huskies are known for their over-the-top personalities and penchant for dramatic behavior. But why … Read more

Poodle With Undocked Tail (Should It Be Docked?)

poodle with undocked tail

There is a considerable debate going on right now about whether Poodles with undocked tails should have their tails surgically shortened or not. Some people believe it is cruel to dock a Poodle’s tail, while others think keeping them healthy and looking good is necessary. In this blog post, we will explore both sides of … Read more