Poodle With Undocked Tail (Should It Be Docked?)

poodle with undocked tail

There is a considerable debate going on right now about whether Poodles with undocked tails should have their tails surgically shortened or not. Some people believe it is cruel to dock a Poodle’s tail, while others think keeping them healthy and looking good is necessary. In this blog post, we will explore both sides of … Read more

When Do Rough Collies Stop Growing?

rough collie in the woods

When I was kid, I remembered watching this movie about a dog called ‘Lassie’. Watching how gentle yet protective Lassie was with her family made me yearn for my own dog one day. It wasn’t long before my family got one all thanks to Lassie. But it was only years later that I spotted another … Read more

Pregnant Maltese (Everything You Need To Know)

pregnant maltese and puppies

Congratulations! You are going to be a grandparent to some really cute Maltese puppies soon. The thought of having a couple of these dogs running around the house is just too adorable. Before we get to that, a lot of work and know-how needs to be done before the whelping stage of your pregnant Maltese … Read more

Cur Beagle Mix (A Recipe For Disaster?)

cur beagle mix

It ain’t nice to be called or to call someone a ‘cur’. A ‘cur’, when used on another fellow human basically means a despicable or cowardly person. However, in the dog world, a cur is used to describe a mongrel that isn’t too friendly or aggressive in nature. Not many dog owners would be too … Read more