17 Best Dogs For First-Time Owners

man and woman playing with lab

Discovering the best dogs for first-time owners can be an exciting yet daunting task. Our guide focuses on pairing you with breeds that complement both your lifestyle and the dog’s inherent traits, ensuring a lasting and happy partnership. Understanding Your Lifestyle Before getting your first dog, you need to first spend time researching if the … Read more

Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (The Art Of Overacting)

why are huskies so dramatic

“My husky is so mellow and quiet”. It might be true in another parallel universe but on planet earth, these are the type of adjectives that won’t do a husky’s personality justice. With their soulful howling (screaming) and their never-ending zoomies, huskies are known for their over-the-top personalities and penchant for dramatic behavior. But why … Read more