Does Spaying A Dog Help With Potty Training?

spayed dog with potty training

When it comes to potty training my dog, I have to say that getting my dog 100% house-trained was one of the most challenging tasks I had to do as a dog owner. My dog seemed to prefer eliminating himself on the living room carpet Having your dog poo or pee in the house can … Read more

Why Are Squeaky Toys Bad For Dogs? (You Need To Know This)

squeaky toys bad for dogs

I hate squeaky toys with a vengeance. My dog has gotten a few as presents before as they just drove me nuts. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! My dog loves being close to me and he loves his squeakies too which means I’m forced to hear them non-stop when he’s near. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! As harmless as … Read more

Dog Ejaculates When Excited (Is This Normal?)

dog ejaculates when excited

When my dog was about 2-3 years old, he was on a personal quest to hump every living and non-living thing at home. Once he had a family member in his sights, there was no escaping until the deed was done. I had to change the covers of my pillows and blankets frequently plus steam … Read more

Why Does My Dog Chase Cars All Of A Sudden?

dog chasing after car

If there is one thing that I always ensure is that my gates are closed all the time. Not because I’m being anti-social towards my neighbors but because it’s to keep my dog from chasing cars. When Bongo was a puppy, he had a rather bad habit of wanting to chase cars when we went … Read more