Can Cats Eat Meatballs? (Not All Meatballs Are Made Equal)

meatballs cooking in a pan

I am a fan of meatballs for many reasons. They are inexpensive, easy to make, taste great and can be eaten for a couple of days as leftovers. What’s not to like? Whenever it’s meatball night which is too often for my family’s liking, the two most common visitors that I will have in my … Read more

Can Cats Eat Parmesan Cheese? (The Cheesy Answer)

can cats eat parmesan cheese

I’m not the best of cooks and when I have guests over, my secret weapon is to use lots of parmesan cheese. The flavor power of this parmesan cheese can turn an acceptable tasting dish into something incredible (you can thank me later). Call me a cheese head but I love most cheeses except for … Read more

Can Cats Eat Milk Bones?

can cats eat milk bones

I have lost count of the number of cat treats that I have bought for my cat over the years only to have him turn his nose up at. He will act all excited when he hears me tear open the packet but walk nonchalantly away after smelling the content. However, it is a different … Read more

How Much Chicken To Feed A Cat?

feeding raw chicken to cat

If I could have just one type of meat for the rest of my life, it would be chicken. Or chicken breast to be exact. I’ve always been a fan of chicken due to its clean taste and stringy texture. If there is one other individual that can outeat me when it comes to chicken, … Read more

Can Cats Drink Rice Milk? (You Need To Know This)

can cats drink rice milk

If you ever had a look of confusion written all over your face when someone told you that it is possible to make milk from rice, you’re not alone. I never know rice milk ever existed before trying it at a friend’s home a few years back. I started drinking rice milk because I am … Read more