Do Cats Eat Eggs In The Wild?

cats wants to eat eggs in the wild

If you are a brunch nerd like you, poached eggs have to be one of your favorite things. On mornings when I feel lazy to move and unwilling to spend a pretty penny on eggs, I will settle for home-cooked ones. I know of many cat owners that do feed their cats eggs on an … Read more

Can Cats Eat Mcdonald’s Fries?

cat eating mcdonalds fries

As kids, My siblings and 1 were the happiest when our parents gave in to our constant badgering and brought us to Mcdonald’s. I always ordered a large fries and a chocolate sundae to dip my fries in. Fast forward to many years later, I’m still a fan of this combination and so is my … Read more

Can Cats Eat Banana Bread? (You Need To Know)

a loaf of banana bread

One of my biggest indulgences in life is to have a big loaf of freshly baked banana bread in the morning together with a big cup of coffee. Call me weird, but I love dipping banana bread in coffee. I’m sure you could be a big banana bread fan as well. What about our cats? … Read more

Can Cats Have Soy Sauce?( Does Your Cat Like Asian Food?)

can cats eat soy sauce

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll understand how common an ingredient soy sauce is. It is widely used in Asian cuisine as a marinate and dip. I even use soy sauce when cooking Western or European dishes as it gives a deep umami flavor. If you have a cat with an adventurous palate, it might try … Read more

Feeding Baby Food To Cats (Is It OK?)

Our cats are our babies and we treat them like family. We want the best for them and are always finding ways to increase the quality of our cat’s diet and lives. You might have come across cat owners who have fed their cats baby food on certain occasions. On the contrary, it might sound … Read more

Can Cats Eat Seaweed Snacks? (An Interesting Find)

If you are a fan of Japanese or Korean food, there’s a good chance that you are a fan of seaweed since it is widely used in these cuisines. Besides these two cuisines, seaweed snacks have always been growing in popularity. You can just buy pre-packed crispy seaweed that comes seasoned in various flavors. As … Read more