Dog Acting Weird After Anesthesia (Should I Be Concerend?)

Dog Acting Weird After Anesthesia

Many pet owners will agree that putting our dogs under general anesthesia is a necessary evil at times. It allows the vet to carry out a surgical procedure or an examination without the dog feeling pain or stress. Imagine your dog having to go through a dental or neutering procedure without any form of anesthesia. … Read more

Coconut Oil For Dog Ear Infection (Does It Work?)

coconut oil for dog ear infection

Over the years, we have started hearing more about the wonders and health benefits of coconut oil. The goodness of coconut oil has moved on over from humans to our pets with many pet owners proclaiming how coconut oil has benefited their pets. As responsible dog owners, we need to take a step back and … Read more

Dog Randomly Yelping (6 Possible Reasons)

dog randomly yelping

As a dog owner, one dog sound that can make my blood turn cold is hearing my dog yelping for no apparent reason. To many dog owners, a dog yelping usually means a dog in distress or pain. And that doesn’t sound like a good thing. But what are some of the reasons that can … Read more