Small Black Bugs On My Dog (What On Earth Is It?!)

small black bugs on dog

As an adult, I’m kinda ashamed at how fast I can run or how loud I can shriek when I see a big creepy crawly. Some of these bugs even up the ante by charging toward you. However, not all bugs are found crawling on your floor or hanging off the wall. It is possible … Read more

Dog Coughing After Dental Surgery (4 Possible Reasons)

dog cough after dental surgery

One thing that many dog owners tend to neglect is their dogs’ teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene in our dogs is very important to prevent the onset of dental disease. However, even with the best teeth cleaning regime at home, most dogs might still need to undergo a dental procedure from time to time. One … Read more

Does The Furminator Cut Hair? (Read This Before Using It)

furminator dog and cat hair

I remember being at my local pet store a couple of years ago and watching a commercial on the Furminator. The presenter was pulling off enough fur with the tool to stuff two pillows and a mattress. It got to the point when it started to look rather unbelievable but that’s what the Furminator does. … Read more

My Dog’s Balls Are Peeling (What Do I Need To Do?)

dog balls are peeling

Your dog’s testicles and the area surrounding it are very sensitive. To notice that your dog’s balls are peeling isn’t something normal and would definitely require some sort of medical treatment. But what could cause your dog’s balls to peel? The peeling skin on your dog’s balls can be triggered by a few reasons. It … Read more