Ignatius Thorne

ignatius thorne

Meet Ignatius Thorne, affectionately known to his circle as “Iggy the Explorer.” With a trifecta of passions, hiking, writing, and animals, Iggy is a modern-day Renaissance man.

He firmly believes that the most captivating stories are discovered off the beaten path, often accompanied by a curious raccoon or the sight of a hidden waterfall.

Iggy’s current endeavor involves writing his own books, a harmonious blend of his love for adventure and storytelling. But his talents don’t stop at the written word.

He’s also a bona fide animal whisperer.

Iggy wasn’t much of an animal enthusiast in his younger days until a stray puppy wandered into his garage and refused to leave

This serendipitous encounter transformed him into an advocate for animal welfare.

Today, he has owned and fostered both dogs and cats and he actively volunteers at local animal shelters.

His journey from skepticism to animal advocacy has enriched his writing, enabling him to craft pieces that deeply connect with other enthusiasts of animal care and welfare.

What sets Iggy apart is his innate sense of humor.

He believes that a day without laughter is a day wasted, a philosophy that shines through in his work.

Ignatius “Iggy” Thorne offers a world where laughter meets adventure, and skepticism turns to love, all penned down in his unmistakable style.

Welcome to the multifaceted universe of Iggy the Explorer!