Can Dogs Eat Fish Heads? (To Feed Or Not To Feed)

can dogs eat fish heads

Do you know that in some cuisines, fish heads are known to be a delicacy? It can be cooked in curry or a hotpot and it’s usually craved after by many as opposed to body meat. Many of us tend to throw the fish head away and cook the body. The head of a fish … Read more

Truffle Trouble: Can Dogs Eat Truffles?

can dogs eat truffles

Walk into a restaurant and there are a couple of smells that you can distinctively recognize. They would be the smell of baked cheese, a sizzling grilled steak and truffles. For today’s article, we will be talking a little about this seemingly tasty but not so well understood ingredient. And more importantly, can our dogs … Read more

The Canine Conundrum: Can Dogs Drink Watermelon Juice?

Can Dogs Drink Watermelon Juice?

  Did you know that the first watermelon was said to have been grown 5000 years ago in Egypt? That’s some history behind this common fruit. There’s nothing quite like having a really cold glass of watermelon juice on a hot summer day. Even better if you blend it with some carrots or green apples. … Read more

Can Dogs Have Teriyaki Sauce? (Not A Very Good Idea)

can dogs have teriyaki sauce

I am a big fan of Japanese food and I’m proud to say that I have evolved from a sashimi-fearing individual to one that loves trying anything the chef throws at me. A couple of weeks ago, I was having Japanese takeout at home. As I was pouring the teriyaki sauce over my teriyaki chicken, … Read more