Can Dogs Have Coconut Whipped Cream? (C-O-C-O-N-U-T)

coconut used to make coconut whipped cream

If there is one thing that gets me going even more than whipped cream would have to be coconut whipped cream. It takes your normal standard whipped cream and infused it with a whole lot more richness and body. You can easily find coconut whipped cream in stores these days due to the surge in … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Pie?

can dogs eat blueberry pie

There’s nothing quite like having a freshly baked blueberry pie on a cool summer day that comes with some whipped cream or ice cream. My neighbor makes the best blueberry pie that I love and so does my dog. My dog knows when my neighbor is at the door with some blueberry pie, which explains … Read more

Can Dogs Have Goji Berries? (Are They As Great As Claimed?)

can dogs have goji berries

Can dogs have goji berries? Perhaps you have been wondering about this ever since you read about the wonderful health benefits of goji berries for humans. But are goji berries safe for our pooches? Can dogs eat them and, if yes, how can one feed them safely to our beloved furry companions? In this guide, … Read more

Can Dogs Have Balsamic Vinegar?

dog having balsamic vinegar

This might sound weird but whenever I eat out at some fancy schmancy restaurant, I always look forward to being served freshly baked bread with balsamic vinegar. To some it might be just bread, but it is a great way to kick start a great meal. You might have heard other dog owners claim that … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pig Feet? (A Delicacy Or Danger)

dogs eat pig trotters

Most people that I know do not really find the feet of animals palatable. In fact, many pet food manufacturers use hooves and feet as by-product fillers in pet food. In some cuisines, especially German and Asian, pig feet or pig trotters are seen as a delicacy. There are either deep fried, grilled or braised … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pop Tarts? (You Need To Know This)

can dogs eat pop tarts

Did you know that the idea of pop tarts actually came from dog food? That doesn’t mean that it is similar to dog food but the idea of having a snack that is semi-moist didn’t require any form of refrigeration. That made eating pop tarts really convenient. I love my pop tarts. Some of the … Read more