Calico Cats With Blue Eyes (The 8th Wonder Of The World?)

calico cat with blue eyes

Before anything else, I would like to dedicate this post to the first calico cat that stole my heart many years ago. She was part of a local stray community that was looked after by a few locals. She was called ‘Mommy cat’ because when she was first discovered, she was nursing a litter of … Read more

Cross Eyed Ragdoll (Is My Cat Looking At Me?)

cross eyed ragdoll

The ragdoll cat has always been one of my favorite cat breeds for as long as I can remember. They are so cuddly with all that fluff and they have one of the most adorable faces for a cat. Ragdoll owners call it the ‘derpy’ look. Ragdolls are also known for their beautiful blue eyes … Read more

Why Is My Cat Small?

why is my cat small munchkin

I come from a rather large family. One could say that my parents had the mating voracity of cats. As kids, I remembered that one of my brothers was pretty petite for his age but he sorted that out with a few growth spurts. Our cats are pretty unique in their own right. They come … Read more

Black Cats With White Spot On The Chest

black cat with white spot on chest

I love black cats. They look so full of elegance and their onyx-coloured fur has a shimmering glow to it. Their emerald green or bright yellow eyes just lights up their faces too. Not all black cats are fully black though. You can sometimes find a black cat with white fur on its chest. This … Read more

Do Orange Tabby Cats Like To Cuddle?

My love for cats began when I first laid eyes on Garfield. Here I was, a little kid, mesmerized by this chonky, greedy, bossy and manipulative orange tabby. Garfield had an evil genius side to him from the way he had Jon and Odie under his chubby paws. But he had a very affectionate side … Read more

Cats With Big Noses: 6 Breeds With Huge Honkers

cats with big noses

One of the cutest things to me about a cat is its nose. There is something very adorable about randomly ‘booping’ your cat’s nose while it is napping or awake. Planting kisses on my feline friend’s nose is also one way how I show love to my cat even though he’s not a fan of … Read more