Why Does My Cat Put Its Head In My Hand?

cat put head in my hand

I can happily write 10,000 words about all the weird habits of my cat and it still wouldn’t be enough to cover it in detail. One of his idiosyncrasies that I always find most endearing is when my cat buries his head in my hand. To see my little furry boy all curled up next … Read more

Will My Cat Hate Me If I Get A Dog?

will my cat hate me if I get a dog

If there is one thing that I often hear from other cat owners is “My cat hates me”. Our cats have perfectly trained us to be feline pleasers. I’m sure my cat hates me too for not allowing him to drink the creamer out of my coffee and when I chase him out of my … Read more

How Often Do Feral Cats Move Their Kittens?

In my neighborhood, there is a cat called May. Or that’s what I call her because I first noticed her in the month of May. I would call May the cat more of a feral cat than a stray. She is rather cautious of humans but is happy to eat the food that we leave … Read more

How To Save A Mouse Caught By My Cat?

How To Save A Mouse Caught By My Cat

As a young kid growing up, one of my favorite cartoons to watch was ‘Tom And Jerry’. Tom is the cat that’s always trying to have Jerry the mouse as a snack. Needless to say, Jerry was a smart mouse and always gives Tom the slip. However, it always doesn’t happen this way in real … Read more

Why Does My Cat Climb My Leg?

why my cat climb my leg

Regardless of how often I seem to cut my cat’s nails, I can always feel their sharpness when he is kneading his paws on my leg. Many moons ago when he was still a young cat, he loved using me as his personal cat tree. He would patiently hide in a corner and wait for … Read more