My Cat Bites When Hungry (How Can I Stop It?)

cat bites me when hungry

I have a good friend who has the kindest soul known to mankind but can turn into a whole different person when hungry. The term used to describe someone with this behavior is called ‘Hangry’ (Hungry + Angry) The thing is, our dear cats can get hangry too when they are feeling hungry. And unfortunately, … Read more

My Cat Makes Weird Noises When Grooming Itself

cat weird noises when grooming

One thing that cats are very known for is their stealthiness. Being known as one of the top predators in the animal kingdom, most prey won’t even know they are being targeted until it is too late. However, there are times when being stealthy and quiet just isn’t on our cat’s menu. For my cat, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Attack Me When I Cry? (Help!)

cat attack while crying

There are times when I feel that my cat can actually read my mind. When I am feeling upset or totally frustrated about my life, he knows how to slowly walk toward me, rub himself on my face and flop down next to me while comforting me with his hearty purrs. On some days, it … Read more

Kitten Meows When Digging In The Litter Box

kitten meow when digging in litter box

My cat has always been on the quiet side, more of an introvert than an extrovert. He doesn’t join in the fun when there are guests over and slinks off to find a quiet corner of the house. The only times when I hear that cute meow or irritating yowl are when he wants to … Read more

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Pee?

cat staring at me pee

I’m someone that values my privacy. I don’t tend to talk much about myself in social settings and I enjoy having more ‘me-times’ than most of my friends. My treasured privacy became secondary once I got my cat 14 years ago. He loves being a part of everything that I do, even peeing. Whenever my … Read more