My Cocker Spaniel Is Growling And Snapping (What Is Wrong?)

cocker spaniel sitting on grass

Whenever I see a Cocker Spaniel at the dog park, it looks really adorable running around with all the long fluffy hair and lush ears flopping all over their cute faces, periodically exposing big, dreamy eyes. Cockers are known for their cheerful disposition, being loyal companions and affectionate snugglers. But not many Cocker Spaniel owners … Read more

Dog Limping After Grooming (What Went Wrong?)

dog limping after grooming

So you dropped off your dog at the groomer expecting it to look as good as new after a few hours. When it was time to collect your dog, you noticed that something isn’t right about the way it walked. Upon closer inspection, your dog seems to be limping. Why Is your dog limping after … Read more

Will My Foster Dog Miss Me?

will my foster dog miss me

Boyz II Men sang it right with their song “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye”. And if you have ever fostered an animal before be it a dog, cat, horse or squirrel, you know that sad feeling when it’s time to let them go. If you have just started fostering dogs or plan to get … Read more

I Smacked My Dog ( Does My Dog Hate Me?)

I smacked my dog

We all have been angry before. It isn’t a great emotional state to be in as we do and say hurtful things when we are mad. Things that we regret after we calm down. You would have heard of stories of dog owners hitting their dogs out of anger. You might have even smacked your … Read more

Why Are Dogs Scared Of Brooms? (Is My Dog A Weirdo?)

why are dogs scared of brooms

Do you know what has to be one of the weirdest phobias ever? Optophobia. It means the fear of opening one’s eyes. That has to be quite an inconvenience. Dogs too can have phobias or an irrational fear of something. But why are dogs scared of brooms? Some dogs are afraid of brooms as they … Read more