Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (The Art Of Overacting)

why are huskies so dramatic

“My husky is so mellow and quiet”. It might be true in another parallel universe but on planet earth, these are the type of adjectives that won’t do a husky’s personality justice.

With their soulful howling (screaming) and their never-ending zoomies, huskies are known for their over-the-top personalities and penchant for dramatic behavior.

But why are huskies so darn dramatic?

A husky’s dramatic behavior is largely due to its innate instincts to engage in reactive behavior towards its environment. It is this specific personality trait that makes huskies so valuable as working dogs for many husky owners. Strong obedience training is needed to keep a husky’s behavior under control.

In this article, we will look at the reasons that cause this dramatic behavior in huskies and what a husky owner can do about it.

Where Do Huskies Originate From?

One look at the husky and you know that it is a dog that was meant to work in a cold climate. And that was what this breed was made to do for many years.

The dog breed originated in Siberia and was bred by the Chukchi people for pulling sleds over vast frozen areas.

You would normally see them working together in packs to get the work done.

Huskies are medium-sized dogs that come in a wide range of colors and markings. Males can grow up to 60 lbs and stand at 22 inches tall.

Don’t let the size of this dog fool you as they are a lot more powerful and athletic than they seem.

Huskies are an intelligent breed and can learn at a very fast rate.

Siberian huskies made this breed popular but other husky dog breeds such as the Alaskan Mamalute, American Akita, Samoyed, etc are also part of the husky universe.

Why Are Huskies So Dramatic?

Huskies are so expressive and responsive, their lively behavior is just part of who they are. They just love to play and show their feelings.

Even though we might call their behavior ‘dramatic’, it’s just their way of reacting to different situations and triggers.

Furthermore, the husky’s widow’s peak makes it look even more dramatic.

Here are 4 reasons that might explain why your Siberian husky is behaving like a diva doggie at times.

1. Huskies Can Be Reactive

When we hear someone say that a dog is reactive, we tend to think of that dog is aggressive and dangerous.

That’s not entirely true.

Even though these two different behaviors have similar traits, we need to see things in totality and more importantly the breed of the dog.

A reactive dog is one that reacts rather dramatically to a certain trigger.

For a husky that could be howling like an ambulance to loud noises or doing zoomies around the house when it’s time for a bath.

This isn’t the same kind of reactivity you would get from an aggressive dog who might be yanking on its leash and growling with anger.

It is this reactive behavior of a husky that makes it so valuable as a working dog and companion out in the freezing wilderness.

You want a dog that is quick to react to strange noises or to sound out potential danger in the path ahead.

When traversing under such harsh conditions, the risk of being attacked by a wild animal or falling into a hidden crevasse is high.

2. Huskies Are Very Stubborn

They say that if you want a pet that is a people pleaser, get a dog instead of a cat. But you need to read the fine print which says “Huskies not included”.

Huskies are known in the dog world to be very stubborn and the majority of husky owners can attest to that.

Huskies are bred to be very self-reliant dogs that do not have to depend on their owner to survive. In fact, it was the other way around back in those days.

They were only used as sled dogs during the winter season and when summer came, the dogs were allowed to roam free and had to fend for themselves.

Furthermore, huskies have a strong survival instinct which makes them outrightly ignore mushing commands when they feel it’s unsafe to proceed.

So let’s fast forward to today when most Siberian huskies lead comfortable lives indoors and still retain their stubborn nature.

Your dog isn’t going to just get up and do something when you command it to.

You will be met with a lot of dog-eared resistance when your husky doesn’t want to do something.

For many centuries they have been bred for pulling sleighs through crazy snow storms.

But a little bath in a tub filled with nice warm water and they act like they’re dying.

Ever tried arguing with a stubborn person?

The battle was lost from the very first word uttered.

3. Huskies Are Smart

Huskies are smart but they aren’t very high up on the intelligence scale, coming in at the 74th position.

Sitting at the pole position is the Border Collie.

Even though your husky might not be the smartest tool in the shed, it has a ‘smartness’ about it that doesn’t work in a conventional way.

It has an intelligence that is adaptive and instinctive.

A husky is an independent-minded dog that can decide for itself without needing your input.

Its ability to learn and problem-solve on its own is a testament to its adaptive mindset.

A dog that can adapt quickly to its environment and circumstance will always be finding ways to outsmart and outtalk its owner.

High intelligence makes them very dramatic about anything they love or hate.

Huskies are also great escape artists so make sure you have a high fence that not only goes high but deep as they are great at digging their way out.

4. Huskies Are Full Of Energy

huskies pulling sled

Huskies have more energy and want to play. They are known as one of the strongest and most energetic dog breeds in the world.

They can store and save their energy better than almost any other dog, especially when huskies need to pull a heavy load through the snow.

Given that they have such a playful nature, they can bark and howl so much more than other dogs.

I have a friend who got a husky because he claims that it is hard to find a dog that can frequently do 10km hikes or walks without getting tired easily.

In fact, he claims that his dog howls at him and calls him a wuss for stopping prematurely.

It is great that you have a dog that has a lot of endurance but be mindful of the mileage that your dog does to prevent joint issues when the dog gets older.

Why Are Huskies So Vocal?

Huskies are known for singing the song of their people which basically means, they are very noisy.

They are known to be excellent communicators with their dog owners.

Your husky doesn’t just howl and bark, it can also whine, yip and has the ability to imitate your vocal patterns.

Being bred as sled dogs, huskies are also very good at communicating with the rest of their pack by using different vocalization frequencies.

They like to do things their way and they make sure their opinion is heard with their classic howling.

Don’t expect your husky to remain as quiet as a church mouse when it is in disagreement or when trying to get its point across to you.

Bring a pair of earplugs to be safe.

Can You Stop a Husky From Being So Dramatic?

Huskies can get pretty dramatic in certain situations, from excessive vocalization and weird behavior to let you know how they’re feeling.

It might be annoying at times, but as long as it’s not harmful, it can also be kind of funny.

To get the best response out of your husky, try to figure out what their triggers are and adjust your behavior accordingly.

Here are some ways to help you get better control over your husky.

Don’t Reward The Behavior

As dog owners, we tend to unintentionally reward the behavior in our dogs that we are trying to correct.

When your husky is reacting in a dramatic fashion, it is also trying to get a reaction out of you. And your dog thrives on your attention.

By giving your dog attention when it does something that you disapprove of, your dog takes it as a green light to do more of it.

The best thing that you should do is to walk away or wait until your husky is calm before rewarding it with your attention or a treat.

After some time, your dog will be smart enough to realize that it ain’t going to get its way by acting like a spoilt doggie diva.

Desensitize Them To Triggers

As you get to know your dog better, you will better understand what are the things or stimuli that can trigger your husky.

I know of many husky owners who have a hard time getting their dogs to take a bath or visit the groomers.

If you know that your husky is being overtly dramatic about something which is important to them, get it desensitized to that trigger when it is still a husky puppy.

It will make both of your lives a lot easier when your dog gets older.

Develop A Training Relationship

I am sure your husky means the world to you but as a dog owner, you need to realize that your dog is always looking to you for leadership and guidance.

This is even more so for a pack dog like the husky.

Your dog will sulk and pout and not even look at you when you’re giving a command. Your husky will even challenge you occasionally.

But a the end of the day, your dog needs to see you as the leader of its pack.

Having a loving yet firm relationship with your dog will allow it to feel that you know how to handle it.

Do Huskies Have Tantrums?

husky on floor

Huskies definitely do have tantrums and it is going to happen more often than not when it comes to this dog breed.

Here are some common signs of a husky tantrum:

  • Whining and crying
  • Erratic behavior
  • Growling at you
  • Ignoring your commands

Even though throwing a tantrum can be considered normal behavior for a husky, it shouldn’t be allowed to carry on for long as that can only instill bad behavior and disobedience in your dog over the long run.

Should I Get A Husky For My First Dog?

Huskies can be tricky for first-time or less-experienced owners since they can be pretty smart and may develop behavioral issues if they don’t get the right training.

You can try to instill new ideals into them, but you cannot change the fact that they are still a husky.

This dog breed also requires a large amount of physical activity on a daily basis.

You can’t expect to take your husky out for a 10-minute walk and expect it to be well-behaved for the rest of the day.

It will turn into a destructive psychopath in no time.

If you want a dog with some attitude but is easier to handle than a husky, consider a corgi as your first dog.

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