6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained While You’re Away

keep cat entertained while away

Keeping your cat entertained while you’re away is important for their well-being. Most cats are fine being alone while you’re at work but can get bored and lonely if left alone for too long.

Boredom and loneliness can lead to problems like destructive behavior and anxiety. Please do not leave your cat alone for more than a day.

In this post, we’ll share practical tips and solutions to help keep your cat happy and engaged when you’re not at home.

1. Cat Trees And Scratching Posts

Cats love to climb and scratch, it’s a natural behavior that keeps them healthy and happy. Vertical spaces, like cat trees and scratching posts, provide your cat with an outlet for these activities.

Climbing helps your cat stay active and gives them a great view of their territory, making it feel more secure.

Scratching not only helps keep their claws healthy but also allows them to mark their territory.

Furthermore, your cat will be scratching your furniture if there’s no scratching post available.

When choosing a cat tree, look for one that is sturdy and won’t tip over easily. Make sure the tree includes scratching posts covered in durable material like sisal rope.

A good cat tree will provide endless entertainment and exercise for your cat, making it a perfect addition to your home.

2. Window Perches

Window perches offer your cat a fantastic view of the outside world, which can be incredibly entertaining.

Watching birds, squirrels and people go by can keep your cat mentally stimulated and curious. Some cats will even start to make “chirping” and “trilling” noises out of excitement.

This helps reduce boredom and can make the time you’re away pass more quickly for them.

Many cats love basking near a sunny window which can be a cozy, warm spot to relax.

Safety is key when installing a window perch. Choose a perch that can support your cat’s weight and is designed for secure mounting.

Always ensure that the window is closed and not easily opened by your cat. This is to prevent your cat from escaping or getting hurt.

3. Interactive And Automated Toys

Cats are natural hunters and toys that mimic prey can keep them entertained for hours. Feather wands, laser pointers and small moving toys can engage your cat’s hunting instincts and keep it occupied while you’re away.

Interactive Feeders and Puzzle Toys

Interactive feeders and puzzle toys are great for stimulating your cat’s mind and mimicking the hunting experience.

These toys require your cat to solve puzzles to access their food or treats, keeping them mentally active.

Popular options include treat-dispensing balls and puzzle boards that challenge your cat to think and work for their reward.

Automatic Laser Toys and Moving Toys

Automated toys such as laser pointers and moving toys, can provide continuous entertainment for your cat, even when you’re not home.

These toys move unpredictably, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts and keeping them physically active.

My cat goes bonkers with his spinning mouse toy. It’s this toy mouse which darts in and out of a canopy and it drives my cat crazy that he can’t catch it.

Rotating Toys To Maintain Interest

To keep your cat from getting bored, rotate them regularly. You don’t have to keep buying new toys but using different toys can make each play session feel new and exciting.

This helps maintain your cat’s interest and keeps it engaged, preventing boredom and the associated behavioral issues.

4. Pet Sitters And Cat Boarding

This option works great if you need to be away for more than a day. Having a pet sitter visit or boarding your cat at a facility can provide your cat with the companionship and care it needs while you’re away.

Pet sitters can visit your home to feed, play with and check on your cat, ensuring it gets attention and affection.

Boarding facilities offer a safe environment where your cat can interact with staff and sometimes other cats.

Choosing a reliable pet sitter or boarding facility is important for your cat and your peace of mind. Look for someone with good reviews and ideally, someone with experience in cat care.

I will usually ask a friend to help with my cat while I’m away if that option is possible.

Visit the boarding facility beforehand to ensure it is clean, safe and well-staffed.

Discuss your cat’s specific needs with the sitter or facility to make sure they can provide the level of care your cat requires.

5. Cat Companions

Nothing comes close to keeping your cat company like a second cat. This can help alleviate loneliness and provide a constant playmate.

However, it’s important to consider your current cat’s personality and whether it would welcome a new companion. Some cats prefer being the only boss at home.

Introducing a new cat to your household requires careful planning. Start by keeping the cats in separate rooms and gradually introduce them through scent swapping and supervised visits.

Don’t just put the two cats together and expect them to be the best of friends in a day.

Be patient and allow the cats to get used to each other at their own pace. With time and proper introduction, many cats can become good companions and keep each other entertained when you’re not around.

6. Pet Cameras

Ever wondered what your cat is up to while you’re away? Pet cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your furry friend from afar.

These nifty gadgets let you monitor your cat remotely, giving you peace of mind and a glimpse into their daily adventures.

When choosing a pet camera, look for features like two-way audio so you can chat with your cat, night vision for after-dark antics, and motion detection to catch all the action.

My cat will start rubbing itself against the pet cam when he hears my voice. He also enjoys sleeping next to it as he thinks it’s ‘me’.

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