Cat With Swollen Lower Lip (6 Possible Reasons)

cat with swollen lower lip

Have you ever woken up one day and noticed that your cat looks kinda pouty almost to the extent of doing a ‘Mick Jagger’? Or some cat owners might even be surprised that their cats have lips to begin with. And at times it is possible for your cat to look like it has a … Read more

My Cat Ate My Earplug (Should I Be Worried?)

cat ate earplug

Between my cat and my dog, I have to give the ‘Best Foreign Object Eater” award to my dog. I’ve seen him put stuff in his mouth that nearly gave me a heart attack. That being said, my cat isn’t too far behind with his curious palate. Besides trying to get a sneak bite of … Read more

Cat Catheter Removed (Recovery Questions Answered)

cat having problems peeing

Has your cat been straining to pee or has just been catheterized at the vet? As a cat owner myself, I can understand how worrying to see our cats in such a predicament. A urinary blockage or urethral obstruction are rather common problems in cats due to their lack of thirst and it is something … Read more

How Long Do Cats’ Eyes Stay Dilated After Surgery?

how long cats eyes stay dilated after spay

How Long Do Cat’s Eyes Stay Dilated After Surgery? Every time my cat or dog needs to be sedated or anesthetized at the vet, I always have to sign a consent form acknowledging the risk of using anesthesia on my pets. Most vets are skilled enough to carry out the surgery well but it can … Read more

Cat’s Sides Sunken In After Spay Surgery (What Should I Do?)

cat being spayed by vet

I remember clearly to this day the night of my cat’s neutering procedure. I was quite a nervous wreck imagining the 102 things that could go wrong. The vet is going to remove his little nuts, how could I not be worried? Thankfully, the operation went smoothly without any complications. Spaying a female cat does … Read more

My Cat Stares At The Water Bowl Without Drinking

cat staring at water bowl not drinking

It might come as a surprise to many cat owners but one thing that you always need to ensure is that your cat is well hydrated. Water is essential for your cat’s survival, even more so than food at times. Coming from a cat owner whose cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease five years … Read more