My Dog Ate Aquaphor (Is It In Danger?)

dog ate aquaphor

You know the saying that goes “Skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom”? It is something that many adults inspire to have as they get older.

There is a product called Aquaphor that helps to moisturize and heal dry and sensitive skin on babies and adults.

As bizarre as it might seem, there are some dogs that are drawn to the smell and taste of Aquaphor. This can be due to canine curiosity or a strange fetish.

How worried should you be if your dog eats Aquaphor?

If your dog ate Aquaphor, you do not have to start panicking. Ingesting some Aquaphor will not be toxic to your dog. However, if your dog ate Aquaphor in large amounts, there’s a high risk of severe diarrhea and vomiting.

In this article, will be discussing what Aquaphor is and how concerned should you be if your dog has eaten a fair amount of Aquaphor.

What Exactly Is Aquaphor?

If you have a young child at home, chances are you would have heard or used Aquaphor before.

For those that have no idea what it is, Aquaphor is marketed as a healing ointment for dry skin. It can also be used on small and minor wounds like scratches and abrasions.

Aquaphor has a product line just meant for babies and another that is for more general usage.

How Does Aquaphor Work?

Aquaphor works by creating a protective layer over the skin to help it retain moisture.

The ointment is also sufficiently porous to allow oxygen to reach the skin surface and promote healing.

This creates a conducive environment for the skin to heal and repair itself.

Aquaphor Ingredients

The main ingredients in Aquaphor are:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Ceresin
  • Lanolin alcohol
  • Panthenol
  • Glycerin
  • Bisabolol

Aquaphor’s biggest ingredient component is petroleum jelly (41%). This gives it a similar consistency and texture as Vaseline.

If you or your dog have an existing lanolin allergy, please avoid using Aquaphor.

Is Aquaphor Toxic If Ingested By My Dog?

Is Aquaphor Toxic If Ingested By My Dog

Thankfully, the ingredients that are used in Aquaphor are classified as non-toxic to dogs. A small amount of Aquaphor won’t harm your dog.

The alcohol might make your dog pant and salivate excessively but it should clear up within a day.

However, if your dog consumes a large amount of Aquaphor, the petroleum and mineral oil combi is going to give your dog some stomach pain, bad diarrhea and bad gas.

When I mean bad diarrhea, I do mean really really bad diarrhea.

What To Do If My Dog Has Severe Diarrhea?

There are a few ways to prep your home and dog for the upcoming bout of severe diarrhea.

If you have an outdoor living area, it might be a good idea to confine your dog to that area temporarily.

It would make cleaning up for you and your dog a lot easier. Having doggy diarrhea all over your carpet and furniture is problematic.

Getting rid of the smell and stain can be next to impossible at times.

Otherwise, the next best option is to confine your dog to a single room with all the furniture in the room taken out or covered with a plastic tarp.

Once the diarrhea starts, you can expect it to last for 24-36 hours.

Don’t try to put an end to your dog’s diarrhea from the onset. It is your dog’s stomach trying to get rid of a foreign body that it doesn’t agree with.

Sort of like most people after a heavy Mexican meal.


Monitor your dog closely to make sure that it is still in good form despite having diarrhea.

Any signs of nausea, lethargy, tremors or lack of appetite should warrant a visit to the vet right away.

Diarrhea Medication For Your Dog

Your dog’s diarrhea should start to taper off after a few hours. You can start giving your dog some anti-diarrhea medicine to try and put a stop it.

The two types of medication that you can consider giving your dog are Pepto Bismol and Immodium.

You can get Pepto Bismol and Immodium over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Although they are meant for humans, it is safe for dogs to take but only with the right dosage.

The recommended dosage for Pepto Bismol is one teaspoon for every 10 lbs and to be given every 7-8 hours.

The recommended dosage for Immodium is 2mg per 40 lbs of body weight and can be given 2-3 times a day.

This means that a large-sized dog can handle one tablet. Small dogs should be given half a tablet or a quarter tablet.

As a safety precaution, it is always good for pet parents to talk to the vet before self-medicating their dogs.

Hydrate Your Dog And Bland Diet

dog drink water due to diarrhea

When a dog is having diarrhea, it is losing a lot of fluids and electrolytes. It is best to keep your dog hydrated with fresh water.

Add some homemade chicken broth to its food to add more moisture to the food.

Your dog might be experiencing stomach pain and discomfort so make sure that it is on a bland diet such as chicken and plan white rich.

If your dog is on a raw meat diet, it’s best to feed it boiled lean meat for now until its stomach is in a better condition.

Do not give any human food that can further aggravate your dog’s diarrhea.

Is It Ok To Put Aquaphor On A Dog’s Nose?

Although Aquaphor is made for humans, you can use it externally on your dog in small amounts. You can use it on your dog’s nose, dog’s elbows or peeling paw pads.

It can help keep these parts protected in moisturized during the hot summer months or cold winter period.

Can I Put Aquaphor On My Dog’s Wounds?

It depends on the seriousness and type of wound that your dog has.

If it is just a surface scratch or abrasion, then yes, it is ok to rub a little Aquaphor on it to protect and heal the wound.

Serious wounds like punctures, deep cuts or lacerations should be considered a medical emergency.

Do not rub Aquaphor into these wounds. Your dog requires stitches for these open wounds which should only be done by a trained vet.

When Should I Bring My Dog To The Vet?

If your dog is allergic to the ingredients you’ll see serious adverse reactions. You should get your dog to the vet immediately for an examination.

Other symptoms like a total lack of appetite and severe diarrhea are also signs that your dog needs to see the vet right away.

Is Aquaphor Safe For Cats?

It is safe if used in the safe way that you would a dog. Make sure to use it externally on cats like dry skin and scratches but not on any open wounds.

Some pet owners do feed their cats petroleum jelly as a home remedy for hairballs.

If you are one of them, I would prefer to use something like Vaseline which has fewer added ingredients.

Is Aquaphor The Same As Vaseline?

Aquaphor, like vaseline, contains a large portion of petroleum jelly. However, vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly while Aquaphor is just 41%.

Vaseline has many great uses as an occlusive jelly but it doesn’t work as well in some scenarios like treating sunburns.

It tends to trap the heat and moisture under the layer which makes healing more difficult.

Aquaphor is known as an emollient lotion due to the added ingredients that promote healing.

There are some people and animals that are more sensitive to Aquaphor. So test out a little on your dog’s skin before applying more.


There’s no denying that our dogs can eat the weirdest things at times. There even have been many reports of dogs eating AirPods!

The best way to prevent such incidents from happening is to keep such items under lock and key.

Don’t panic if your dog ate Aquaphor.

It is best to give your vet a call to see what is the next best step.

It might not be necessary to bring your dog in for a check but it’s important to monitor its behavior for the next 48 hours for any adverse reactions.

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