Can You Bring Cats To Other Houses? The Dos And Dont’s

cat in carrier going to new house

I’ve mentally told myself many times that I would make a very good cat. I’m neat, fussy, sleep a lot and not very fond of social events.

When it comes to being adaptable, cats do rank lower on the scale as compared to dogs. Bring a dog to another house and it will be wagging its tail looking for new friends.

Cats on the other hand, will be more cautiously optimistic about the new environment, looking for something evil to appear from the corner.

The question of the day is “Can I bring my cat with me to a new house?”

Most cats are not very quick to adapt to a new environment and bringing your cat to a new house can cause undue stress. Cats are creatures of habit and prefer to remain in familiar surroundings. There are a few ways that you can help a cat acclimatize faster to an unfamiliar place.

In this article, we will be discussing in greater depth on bringing your cat around together with the dos and don’ts.

The Typical Personality Of A Cat

As someone that has a cat and a dog, I can honestly say that dogs and cats are like chalk and cheese.

Even in the day-to-day interactions, my dog is always eager to please while my cat watches me from a distance, initiating affection only when it’s time for food or bed.

When someone comes to the house to visit, my dog acts as if he has never seen another human being in his life. He runs and jumps everywhere while wagging his tail like his life depends on it.

My cat is usually nowhere to be seen at all until the coast is clear of strangers.

I think you get what I’m trying to convey here.

Cats are fundamentally solitary animals as compared to dogs who are pack animals. Since young, cats have to venture out and fend for themselves. They always have to be on the lookout for danger and food.

Putting your indoor cat in an unfamiliar environment does raise some concerns for the poor feline.

Taking Your Cat To Another House

If you do plan to take your cat to another house, there are a couple of things that you can do to make it less painful and more exciting for your cat.

Your Cat’s Personality

cat sitting down on floor

Cats across the world do share many common weird behavioral traits but they are also unique individuals.

There are so many cats on social media that exhibit such extroverted personality traits that it baffles me at times.

If you have an indoor and outdoor cat, chances are it can handle a change in the environment a lot better than strictly indoor cats.

I have friends whose cat will just come up to me and flop down at my feet awaiting pets and affection.

Make The Cat Carrier A Homely Place

Most cats are quick to assume that once you place it in the cat carrier, it’s time to visit your cat’s favorite hangout place, the vet.

And because of this fear and anticipation, these cats start to get fearful and anxious even before the journey has started.

One cool tip that I’ve discovered and have been doing to make my cat stay in his carrier more bearable is to leave a piece of my clothing inside.

I noticed that by having a familiar smell in the carrier, my cat relaxed a great deal more. He used to turn into a snarling monster when he was left at the vet without me. But with my smell inside the carrier, he’s a whole different cat.

You can even take a small towel and rub it on yourself before placing it in the carrier. It works just as well.

Use Favorite Toys And Cat Nip

cat playing with toys

My cat isn’t big on toys but I know of some that tend to favor one particular toy over the rest. It could be a chew toy or feather that your cat likes having around.

Place that inside the carrier to let your cat feel more settled and reduce anxiety.

Another tip which you can consider doing is to use cat nip to keep your cat calm. Not all cats are affected by cat nip. But if you have one that loves the smell, sprinkle some inside the carrier.

Get Your Cat Used To Car Rides

Unless the new house that you wish to bring your cat to is within walking distance, chances are you will have to drive there with your cat.

Don’t just assume that your cat is a fan of car rides. Many cats do suffer from motion sickness or get stressed out by all the sounds while being on the road.

If the other house is quite a drive away, don’t just pack your cat and drive off. The last thing you want happening is your kitty cat freaking out in the cat carrier while you are on the highway.

Start with a short drive from your own home and slowly increase the distance and duration.

If possible, let someone else do the driving while you place the carrier on your lap and talk to your cat.

Your cat feels a lot better when hearing your voice and knowing that you are close by.

Bring All The Kitty Essentials

If you are going to be at someone else’s home for a while, my advice is to bring along all the essentials for your cat.

This is will be mainly cat’s food and litter box. If your cat requires any need for daily medication, don’t forget that too.

It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

You don’t want your cat to be left hungry and holding its pee or poo for hours on end.

Make Your Cat Feel Safe In The New House

Once you are at the new house, don’t just let your cat out of the carrier and proceed with your activities. Neither should you just leave your cat in the cat carrier for too long.

If this is your cat’s visit to this particular house, get the owner to prepare a quiet room or corner for your cat.

Don’t place your cat in an area where there’s a lot of human traffic or noise otherwise, it will feel unsafe.

Another important thing is to make sure all windows and doors are closed. You don’t want your cat doing a great escape out of fear.

Stay with your cat until it has settled down and seemed more relaxed. You can let the cat out of the carrier and let it explore its immediate surroundings.

Always keep a close watch on your cat to make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

Taking Your Cat To Another House With A Cat

Sometimes I wish that cats can socialize with other cats as quickly as dogs can with other dogs.

But that is how cats are due to their solitary and cautious nature.

If the new house that you are bringing your cat to has a resident cat, it is best to exercise extreme caution when letting the two cats meet.

You do not want your cat to become mortal enemies with the other cat due to poor socialization.

If you are just going to be at the new house for a few hours, I would rather leave my cat in the carrier or in a room by itself. It is too short a time frame to allow new cats to be friendly with each other.

If you are going to be in the new place for some time, make it a point to socialize the cats slowly.

Place your cat in a room alone and let them meet through the door. This allows both cats to get used to each other’s smell. Once both cats show no sign of aggression at the door, you can place them in the same room with your cat in the carrier.

Things might get a little heated when they actually get to lay eyes on each other but both cats will eventually calm down after a while.

The last step will be to allow both cats to roam freely in the same room. Watch both cats like a hawk and remove them once any sign of aggression is shown.

One way to speed up the socialization process is to feed them together. This can be a proper meal or a cat snack. Don’t be discouraged if both cats don’t end up being best of friends. They just aren’t as sociable as dogs.

Can I Leave My Cat At My Friend’s House?

sad cat left at friend;s house

As a pet owner myself, it can be rather difficult to plan for long vacations without having to worry about my cat and dog.

There are times when we brought them along on a short road trip but for long vacations where we have to leave town, leaving them at a relative’s or friend’s house is ideal.

I’m not a fan of leaving my pets at a pet boarding house due to a bad experience.

If you are able to find a friend who is willing to pet sit your cat while you are away, it is best to start getting your cat comfortable with your friend as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until the day you leave to let your cat meet your friend for the first time. You might get your friend calling you with the sound of an angry cat in the background.

This is what you should do before you leave.

Meet And Greet

Invite your friend over to your place and let your cat and friend meet each other. You want your cat to start getting used to your friend’s scent and voice.

Finding a pet sitter that your cat can get along with is crucial.

Prepare Your Friend’s House

Will your friend be staying over at your home to look after the cat? This would be the best arrangement as it cuts down on the need for your cat to be familiar with another home.

But if you need to bring your cat over to your friend’s place to pet sit, make sure that your cat is well adjusted to being there.

A Home Away From Home

Try to keep everything status quo for your cat while you are away. As mentioned earlier, cats are creatures of habit and prefer to have everything as it is.

Though not very possible if you’re leaving your cat with your friend for the interim, bring along your cat’s litter box, cat bed, favorite toys or anything that remind it of home.

You don’t have to bring your entire couch over if your cat enjoys sleeping on it. Maybe just a cushion would suffice.

Why Does My Cat Go To Someone Else’s House?

It might seem that I have made our cats seem totally agoraphobic but on the flip side, there are cats that are happy to self-invite themselves into the home of others.

Do you have random stray cats coming to your home on a regular basis? I have a neighbor’s cat that likes sleeping on my patio and demands to be fed before making his way home.

If you have a cat that is allowed to roam outdoors as well, they might be attracted to new sights and sounds that are happening at someone else’s house.

It could also be due to your cat being greedy and being attracted to the cat snacks that your neighbor has been feeding it.

You might also have a cat that is very sociable and likes meeting and greeting your neighbors on a daily basis.


It might seem like an exciting idea to bring your cat along with you to someone else’s home. We think that our cats might find a change in scenery and surroundings mentally stimulating.

A lot depends on your cat’s personality. A cat that is shy and suffers from anxiety issues won’t enjoy it as much as another cat who is sociable.

If your friend has agreed to be a pet sitter while you are away, it is better to have your cat get familiar with your friend and your friend’s house way before you leave.

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