Uses Of Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the most heavily manufactured chemical compounds globally. It is a chemical element and has the symbol CI in the periodic table. Chlorine is produced from ordinary salt. A process called electrolysis is used to manufacture chlorine from sodium chloride solution. Even though chlorine is very widely used in the manufacturing process … Read more

How To Choose The Right Air Mattress?

There was a point in time when many homeowners thought that their air mattresses were going out of style, just like bell bottom jeans or fidget spinners. But before you dump your air mattress or air bed in the trash, it is still a lot more useful than we give it credit for. Maybe your … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Fleas


The very mention of the word ‘fleas’ is enough to make your hair stand and skin crawl. It is quite a reflex action for most when we are talking about these pesky blood-sucking parasites. Fleas are small, extremely fast and are avaricious feeders. They not only can cause physical harm to both animals and humans … Read more

4 Types Of Coconut Based Poducts

There aren’t many ingredients in this world that can be used to make so many products. Most people would agree that milk is a very versatile product. However, not many people realise that the humble coconut is another ingredient that has many uses and benefits. Let us go more into depth about the type of … Read more

Difference Between A Squid And Octopus

The ocean world is rich in diversity and covers a huge land area on earth. There is said to be up to 1.6 million different species of marine life living and the ocean. And we have only discovered 240,000 species to date. There is still so much more to learn. As a leisure diver, I … Read more

Different Types Of Dairy Products

It is hard to imagine a world without dairy. Most people would think of milk when it comes to dairy products but there is a whole suite of stuff that comes from milk. Food items that you might be eating on a daily basis without even realising it and wondering how on earth did they … Read more