Cat Litter In Eye (How Do I Remove It?)

cat litter in eye

I had a pretty bad experience cleaning my cat’s litter box a couple of years ago. I was scooping out my cat’s soiled litter and a gust of wind blew some of the cat litter dust into my eyes. That caught me off guard and I used my dirty hands to rub my eyes. I’m … Read more

Are Led Lights Bad For Cats?

cat biting led lights

I am amazed at how much technology has advanced over the years. Just the other day, I stayed in a hotel that had voice commands for the toilet seat. I was so enthralled that I stood there saying “Up” and “Down” for a good minute. One aspect that has come a long way is our … Read more

How To Bathe A Stray Cat (And Survive!)

bathing a stray cat

Not too long ago, I happened to chance upon an article that listed the most frightening activities known to mankind. Some of the activities mentioned were parachuting, rock climbing, roller coasters, going to the dentist, encountering a wild bear, etc. However, there was something that the article forgot to mention. And that is how to … Read more

What Is Witch Hazel?

Most of the time, when you mention the words ‘witch hazel’ to someone, they would probably be thinking that you dabble in witchcraft. Not quite actually. The uses and benefits of witch hazel have been growing in popularity over the years. It is a topical solution that you can put on your face and also … Read more

How To Keep Possums Away From Cat Food?

The first time I saw a possum, it was at my local zoo. It was rather cute and seem rather harmless. The second time I saw a possum, it was a mother and her babies trying to make a mess of my garbage bin. Thankfully I managed to scare them off with my trusty water … Read more

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Many of us recognize the pumpkin as the official fruit of Halloween. It originated from an old Irish tale where people carved a demonic face into radishes and eventually the pumpkin to scare off the wandering spirit of Stingy Jack. Besides looking scary during Halloween, the pumpkin has many health benefits that you might not … Read more