Can Spinning A Cat Hurt It?

can spinning a cat hurt it

If there is one thing that I love doing, it would be finding new ways to entertain my cat. He tends to get lazier as he gets older so it is important that he remains stimulated.

However, I draw the line at putting my cat in a position that can make it stressed or uncomfortable. There seems to be an ongoing trend with cat owners spinning their cats furiously on a chair or floor and having a good laugh at the cat’s expense.

This isn’t acceptable and should not be condoned. Can spinning a cat hurt it? Spinning a cat can certainly place it under a lot of undue stress and discomfort. It can cause your cat to become very dizzy and vomit. Some cats can get very stressed out by this feeling of disorientation.

In this article, we will be looking at what spinning a cat can do to it as well as some common medical conditions that can cause your cat to feel dizzy.

Is It Ok To Spin A Cat Around?

It might seem like spinning your cat around is a harmless thing to do but it can affect your cat in a negative manner. Spinning your cat for fun isn’t the same thing as doing it to your kid.

A cat’s biological makeup is different from ours and they definitely feel the sensations of being spun a lot more.

Here are some things that can happen to your cat.

Being Disorientated

As kids, you might have played a couple of games that involve spinning round and round before having to run back to the starting line.

It does feel like you have been through the spin cycle of a washing machine and can’t walk straight.

A cat that has been spun round and round would feel very disoriented. The spinning motion will also spin the fluid in its inner year which gives the sensation of spinning.

Even after the cat has stopped spinning, the fluid in its ear is still moving around which confuses the cat and makes it lose balance. If the feeling of disorientation is bad enough, it can make the cat feel nauseous and vomit.

The cat will be walking like a drunkard for a few minutes before recovering.

Knocking Into Things

If the cat is feeling dizzy, it would be able to walk properly and that can be dangerous. The cat will be stumbling all over the place and knocking into things without any control. It can injure itself if it knocks over something heavy that falls on it.

The cat can injure itself if it were to knock its head forcefully into something hard like the floor or wall.

It is even worse for the cat if it tries to walk down the stairs in this manner.

Feeling Stressed

Cats are very sensitive creatures which means that they can get stressed out very easily. A cat that finds its world spinning and not being able to walk properly will be meowing and crying out due to stress.

Stress can put the cat into ‘fight or flight’ mode. And since there’s nothing to fight, the cat will be trying to ‘escape’ from whatever is making it feel dizzy. It might try to bolt out of window openings or the door which can only end in disaster.

The poor cat will even go into hiding and stay that way for days as it isn’t able to comprehend why it was feeling this way.

A cat that is stressed won’t be able to eat and drink normally which can cause many other health concerns.

Your Cat Get Harm You

angry cat

Putting a cat in a situation that can make it stressed and pissed is a recipe for disaster. Cats that are stressed out can get very aggressive.

I remembered this time when my cat was at the vet. He was resting in his carrier while recovering from his general anesthesia. When he came around, he turned into a cat that I’ve never ever seen before.

He sounded like a screaming hissing banshee and has throwing himself at the carrier door trying to break free. He tried to bite and scratch anyone that was brave enough to get close.

You don’t want to have your cat charging at you like an angry drunkard that’s out for blood and revenge.

What If My Cat Likes Being Spun?

Like everything in life, there are exceptions to the rule. I have personally met a cat that likes being spun on the chair.

Percy, a whopping 25 lb Maine Coon that belongs to my cousin, likes sitting in my cousin’s gaming chair and having someone spin it.

We aren’t talking about spinning the cat like a helicopter taking off but just a couple of slow gentle spins. Percy will meow at you if you stop doing it so this can go on for a good 30 minutes before he gets bored and gets off the chair.

If your indoor cat is like Percy, it is fine to spin your cat as long as you do it gently and not go overboard.

Diseases That Can Make Your Cat Feel Like It’s Spinning

Spinning your cat is one way to make it dizzy but there are some medical conditions that can afflict the same symptoms on your cat.

Vestibular Disease

Vestibular disease in cats is a medical condition that causes them to feel dizzy, disorientated, fall over and even vomit.

It is somewhat similar to vertigo in humans and the symptoms can come and go as it pleases. Doctors aren’t too sure about what causes vestibular disease in cats but some say that it can be caused by an ear infection, toxicity or tumors in the ear.

Feline Stroke

A cat can experience a stroke if the blood flow to its brain is interrupted due to a blood clot. Fortunately, strokes aren’t very common in cats as compared to humans but when it happens, a stroke can be very debilitating for the cat.

A cat having a stroke will show some of these symptoms:

  • Going blind
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Head pressing
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle spasms

Cats with these health conditions are at higher risk of getting a stroke:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Brain cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Head Trauma

Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition that causes the cerebellum in the brain to develop improperly. The cerebellum in cats is a very important part of the brain as it controls balance and coordination, the hallmarks of a cat.

Cats with this medical problem usually get it from their mothers. The mother cat will be carrying the Feline Panleukopenia virus which can attack the cells of her unborn kittens.

It can affect one or all of her kittens in the litter.

Medical Treatment For Dizziness

If you notice that your cat has been feeling dizzy and uncoordinated recently, you need to bring your cat to the vet for medical attention.

It could be something as simple as an ear infection that is causing the symptoms which can be easily treated. But for more serious cases, the vet will need to do a brain scan and further testing to try and diagnose the root cause.

The sooner you take your cat to the vet, the better its chances of getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cats Get Dizzy If You Spin Them?

Yes, cats do get dizzy when you spin them. Spinning a cat causes the fluid in its ears to spin which makes them feel dizzy. Spinning your cat can also be caused by letting it chase a laser pointer in tight circles for extended periods of time.

Cats can also get dizzy from an underly medical condition that affects the brain or ears.

When Happens When Cats Get Dizzy?

When cats get dizzy, they can start to feel nauseous and uncoordinated. They won’t be able to walk in a straight line and can even knock into objects. Some cats will start to meow loudly and throw up if the dizziness feels too extreme.