Best Tips For Choosing The Right Cat Bed

best tips for choosing the right cat bed

How much time and effort do you take when choosing the right bed or mattress for yourself?

I’m guessing you’ll be very particular about your purchase.

Chances are you will even roll about on the mattress at the store just to make sure it is a good fit for your sleeping style and requirements.

The same goes when choosing the right cat bed for our feline friend.

What Makes A Good Cat Bed?

It isn’t feasible to bring our cat to the pet store to let our cat choose the bed. Therefore, there are a couple of considerations one has to make before making the best choice.

You know your cat better than anyone else hence you are the best person to decide on the cat bed based on your observations of your cat’s sleeping habits.

How Big Should My Cat’s Bed Be?

The number one most important consideration why buying the right cat bed is to get one that fits your cat. When I say fit, I do not mean a bed that hugs him like a glove. Chances are, your cat will only end up using it once.

Cats are busy sleepers.

If you ever notice your cat sleep, it seems that they are capable of changing their sleeping positions numerous times when they sleep.

They will change sides, stand up and walk around a bit, sleep on their backs, etc. Hence you need to get a cat bed that is large enough to accommodate all these movements.

Measure your cat from head to tail and add a couple more inches for good measure. Get a bed that is spacious enough on all dimensions and not just lengthwise.

This will ensure a cozy fit for your cat.

The Right Type

As pet brands and manufacturers evolve, we get to see many types of cat beds available in the market. Some of the designs are conventional while some are rather radical.


This is a standard and simple cat bed design. It usually consists of a large and flat pillow nestled in a basket or soft padding.


These cat beds now come with a hood or tentage covering that resembles a little house that the cat can walk into.

Cats who are fond of sleeping or hiding in boxes will have an attraction to such beds as it will make them feel safe and secure. Such condo beds are also great for cats that like to burrow and feel secure.

Window Beds

Window beds are great for cats who like hanging out by the window for most of the days. These cats enjoy sitting at or near the window to look at birds and the watch the world go by.

Such beds can be attached to windows to get your cat the best of both worlds-enjoying a lovely view from the comfort of your own bed.

Choose The Right Material

First and foremost, if you are aware of an allergy that your cat has, then do not get a cat bed with any trace of that material.

Otherwise, your poor cat will get an allergic reaction and avoid the bed forever, money wasted.

Stick to safe and natural fabrics like cotton and wool which are comfortable to lie on and breathable. This is important because if your cat is going to be spending many hours on the bed, the surface will be less susceptible to mold and odor.

Choose a bed that is also made from durable material. Cats like to bite and chew and there’s a chance that it will sink its claws and teeth into the bed.

Make sure that the material can take some abuse as well as wear and tear. You don’t want the bed to easily come apart after a few months of use.

And you definitely don’t want your cat to be able to remove bits and pieces of the bed and think it is food.

Heated Beds

Heated beds are great if you live in a country that can get rather cold during winter or autumn. A bed that can be heated to be nice and toasty will be loved by your cat.

Such beds are also good for senior cats whose joints tend to get achy when the weather is cold. Young kittens will also find such a bed useful as they can’t regulate their body temperature as well as older cats.

The heating element for such beds can differ depending on the price point. The cheaper heated beds come with a heating pad that can be warmed up in the microwave. The good thing is that it is easy to use. The bad part is that you can’t regulate the temperature and the heat doesn’t last.

The more expensive heated beds are electronically operated and require a socket point. These work like an electric blanket and can keep your cat warm throughout the night.

Just make sure to get the heated bed from a reputable pet brand as you don’t want the heating element to overheat and burn your cat.

East To Maintain And Wash

Your cat’s new bed will probably look like 100 cats have slept on it after a week. Tons of cat fur will be stuck on it. Therefore you need to get one cat bed that is easy to maintain and wash.

Removable bed parts for easy access when vacuuming is ideal. Washable parts should also be easy to remove to be thrown in the washer and easily reassembled back once dry.

You don’t want your cat to be sleeping in a dirty cat bed so get one that you can clean easily.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Bed?

Where you place the cat bed depends on a couple of factors. If your cat has a favorite sleeping area then place the cat bed somewhere near there. It won’t take long for your cat to get comfy in the new bed.

Cats like to sleep in elevated places due to their natural instincts. This allows them to be safe and have a good view of what is happening.

If you can place the bed on top of your furniture of the window perch, your cat will feel more safe and secure when using the bed.

Cats are not fond of loud noises so place the cat bed in an area of the house that is peaceful and quiet. Areas where the kids always play or with the TV blaring aren’t suitable for cats.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Cat Bed

If you have an older cat at home, it would be good to get a bed that your cat can easily get in and out of. There are some beds that look really pretty but aren’t easy to get into.

No point in getting a cat bed that looks nice that your old cat can’t use due to its joint pain.

For kittens, do not choose a bed with small parts that can be easily removed. Kittens are very curious and can end up swallowing the small parts which will then require medical attention.

There’s a high chance that your cat won’t like the first bed you buy so don’t splurge on a nice one with all the bells and whistles until you are sure your cat will use it.

Cats are fussy creatures with ever-changing preferences.

Don’t get upset if your cute kitty snuffs at its new bed.

It takes a little trial and error.

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