Why Does My Cat Like To Burrow? (Unearthing The Secrets)

There’s no denying that our cats possess weird antics and habits that go beyond our human comprehension. From sleeping in their litter box to running all around the house like its tail is on fire.

Weird but cute.

Anything that many cats like to do is burrow under the cover or blanket like an underground mole.

Why do cats exhibit such strange behavior?

Is it normal and safe for burrowing cats to be sleeping under the blanket or sheets?

All these questions answered and more.

Let’s get started.

Your Cat Is Trying To Keep Warm

Our cats are very sensitive to the surrounding temperature. It has been said that a cat’s paw can detect a temperature change of 1 deg celsius.

When it starts to get too cold at home for the cat, its natural instinct is to seek out a warmer place.

There’s nothing more comfortable than getting under a thick blanket or bedsheet on a cold chilly day.

Furthermore, cats have a higher resting temperature compared to humans (99.5F – 102.5F). This means that cats need more heat to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

What might seem cool to us can feel like freezing for your cat.

Cats prefer to seek out warm cosy places when it starts to get too cold and hiding under blankets is a good way to stay warm.

You can get your cat a heated cat bed if it gets very cold in your area during the winter months.

Your Cat Wants To Feel Secure

Every cat’s personality is unique and some cats tend to be more anxious in nature. It can be due to a bad experience resulting in PTSD or not being properly weaned off as a kitten.

These cats tend to grow up with some behavioral issues.

An anxious cat will find comfort and security when it burrows under the blanket or sheets to hide.

Your cat could have been easily spooked by a loud noise, another pet or the scent of a roaming stray or feral cat outside the house.

There are weighted blankets for pets that can help provide them comfort when they are feeling anxious.

Please do not use a weighted blanket that is meant for humans on your pet. It is far too heavy and can cause them more stress.

Your Cat Is Showing Affection

If you notice that your cat burrows itself under your sheets when you are going to sleep, it means that your cat wants to get snuggly with you.

It is true that there are many cats that share the same bedtime as their owners. They get to rub your scent all over them and humans make great heated blankets for cats.

There is nothing quite as peaceful and adorable as seeing your precious feline friend curled up next to you and purring itself to sleep.

Don’t be too upset if your cat doesn’t like sleeping next to you any longer. It is normal cat behavior to change their sleeping spots every now and then.

Your Cat Might Be A Bush Dweller

Some say that a cat can be classified as either a ‘Bush Dweller’ or ‘Tree Dweller’. A bush dweller cat prefers to keep on the ground and observe its surroundings from a hidden space.

Most of their time is spent under the table, behind the couch or just out of sight.

A tree dweller prefers to observe its surroundings from an elevated platform like on the table, kitchen counter or window sill.

Your Cat Is Feeling Sick

When your cat isn’t feeling too well, you can notice a change in its behavior. Cats that are sick tend to be more lethargic and prefer to hide somewhere quiet to rest.

If your cat has only recently started to burrow under your blanket, there’s a chance that there’s an underlying health issue.

Is your cat also showing the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in litter box habits

If you do notice any of the above symptoms, it would be best to bring your cat to the vet for a checkup.

Your Cat Is Feeling Playful

Besides being curious creatures, cats are also known to be very playful in general. When cats play, they like to chase, stalk, hide and pounce.

Playtime for cats is a good way for them to practice their hunting skills.

By burrowing under the sheets, your cat could be trying to hide from you while getting ready to pounce at the opportune moment.

Feel free to join in the fun and start chasing your cat all over the house. Playing with our cats makes for good bonding time.

Is It Ok For My Cat To Sleep Under Covers?

For most cats, sleeping or hiding under bedsheets or blankets won’t pose any health risks. Cats are smart and strong enough to get themselves out from under the cover if it gets too hard or stuff.

However, if you have a very heavy weighted blanket, it would be best to keep it away when you are not around.

It can be too difficult for your cat to get out from if it is too heavy.

Cat owners who have kittens need to supervise them when they go under the cover. Being so small, they can get trapped under the covers and can’t free themselves.

Why Does My Cat Bury His Head In My Armpit?

You should be glad that your cat enjoys being so intimate with your armpit. As weird as it might seem, some cats enjoy being near their owner’s armpit due to the smell.

Our armpits contain sweat glands which make this particular area smell stronger. Our armpits also release pheromones which can be easily picked up by our cats.

Cats have an amazing sense of smell that we humans can only dream of having. They can pick up odors in the air that we can’t even detect.

When a cat is attracted to something or someone, they like doing a mutual scent exchange with the object of their affection.

Your cat enjoys nuzzling your armpits because it likes you and the smell of your underarms.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Being Under Blankets?

Not all cats enjoy burrowing under the blanket. To some cats, it can be really warm to do that. Mine cat hates it when I put the blanket over him and will just walk away.

Some cats prefer to have a good view of their surroundings at all times and under the blanket makes them feel less secure.

If you have a cat that doesn’t like being under the blanket, please do not force your cat. You are only asking to get bitten or scratched when your cat starts to get irritated by your persistence.

Do Cats Burrow In The Ground?

Cats do not have a natural instinct to burrow in the ground. But in some cases, some cats might do so for survival reasons.

This is more commonly seen in feral or stray cats as compared to domestic indoor cats.

Feral or stray cats burrow in the ground for the following common reasons:

  • Hiding from a predator
  • A safe hiding and resting place
  • Building a nest for kittens

There is one breed of cat that is known to burrow in the ground. It is known as the ‘King Of The Desert’.

Meet the Sand Cat.


At the end of the day, there’s really no difference if your cat likes to burrow itself under the covers or not.

It boils down to personal preference and should not be a cause of concern.

The only time that you should take note of is if your cat is hiding due to a health issue. It needs medical attention to ascertain the underlying medical problem.

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