Why Does My Cat Head Bump My Phone? (6 Possible Reasons)

As a cat owner, do you find it hard at times to get something done without your cat interfering?

I’m sitting at my desk trying to type this article and my cat has walked across my keyboard at least 10 times!

So please excuse the occasional typo you find.

It is my cat’s fault.

Besides my laptop, another time that my cat comes up to me a lot is when I’m on the phone. Doesn’t matter if I’m just surging the net or talking to someone, my cat will come and head bump my phone.

But why do cats rub their heads against our phones?

When a cat rubs against you or something you own, you should regard it as a compliment. Cats have scent glands on their faces and will mark their scent on objects or humans that they regard as their territory.

There is more to this behavior than just cats being territorial.

Read on to learn more about this cute reaction from your cat.

1. Your Cat Wants Attention

The media has portrayed cats to be aloof, uncaring and not very affectionate.

That’s not true in the slightest.

Many cat owners have cats that are straight-up cuddle bugs that demand attention 24/7.

Cats are very observant of your actions even when they are not near you.

If your cat has been noticing that you are spending far too much time on your phone (which many of us are guilty of), it will let you know.

Your cat loves being fussed over by you and when your notice your cat rubbing its head against your phone, it’s best to stop what you are doing and get it some loving.

Trust me on this.

My cat won’t stop head bumping my phone until I put it down and give him some pets for a few minutes. Some cats will even lay on their owner’s phone just to get attention.

Once he is satisfied, he will get up and walk away.

You are now allowed to commence with whatever you were doing.

2. Your Cat Is Marking Its Scent

Cats communicate mainly through smell and scent.

Do you know that meowing is a form of vocalization that cats have created for humans?

Cats hardly meow at each other as a form of communication.

When cats want to mark a scent, they will rub their scent glands on the object. They have multiple scent glands located on their faces, body, paws and even anus.

Your cat might even leak brown liquid from its anus if its scent glands are infected.

This happens frequently between your cats at home and feral cat colonies.

It could be that you have just changed your phone and your cat realizes that your phone doesn’t smell familiar.

Your cat will come over and leave a scent mark on your phone.

Just a gentle reminder that the phone belongs to your cat and not you.

3. Your Phone Has Your Smell

Given that we spend so much time on our phones, it is safe to say that we rub off a fair amount of our own scent on the phone.

Cats like rubbing themselves on objects that carry their owner’s smell like shoes, bedsheets and worn clothing.

Your cat can’t get enough of your smell and is rubbing its head against your phone to get more of it.

4. Your Cat Is Showing You Affection

Cats are more affectionate than we give them credit for.

When cats head bump their owners’ phones, it could mean that they are trying to show their love and affection.

Cats show their affection towards people and cats that they like by head bumping. And it is mostly the confident cats that do this.

This allows them to scent mark their object of affection and to also exchange scents.

If your cat is rubbing its face and guns all and your phone and hands, make sure to return the gesture and rub your cat back.

Many cats only do this with people that they trust and love.

5. Your Cat Might Be Hungry

Sometimes it can be easy to mistake our cat’s head bumping action as a gesture of affection.

It could that your cat is just hungry.

When my cat is hungry, not only will my cat rub against my phone or me but he will also meow a lot.

He will also gesture for me to follow him to the kitchen.

So learn to look out for other signals that your cat might display to understand your cat’s real intentions.

6. Your Cat Recognizes The Voice

Cats have an amazing sense of hearing and can hear a wide frequency range. In fact, cats have the widest hearing range amongst mammals and can even pick up sounds inaudible to humans.

Cats recognize sounds like the owner’s footsteps and car engine sounds.

Don’t be surprised if your cat can hear who you are talking to from another room.

If your cat is familiar with the person that you are speaking to, it will come over to give the other party so affection by rubbing against the phone.

For college students who have been away from home due to school, make sure to schedule a little call with your cat so that your cat can continue to imprint your voice in its memory. This helps to prevent your cat from forgetting you.

Why Does My Cat Head Bump My Face?

When cats head bumps, the action is actually called bunting. Cats head bunt your face to run off their scent on you. They have scent glands on their cheeks that secrete pheromones.

Cats love to exchange scents with other cats that they are friendly with and also their family members at home.

The best thing you can do is to head bunt your cat back.

This is a good way of telling your cat that you love it too in a gesture that your cat understands.

Why Does My Cat Heap Bump Me In The Morning?

Cats are fastidious about certain things and if they notice that their scent on you has faded, they will make it a point to refresh it.

Chances are much of your cat’s scent has been rubbed off on the pillow or washed off in your morning shower.

Your cat is giving you a gentle reminder that you belong to the cat family.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Head Bump Me?

Not all cats head bump to show their affection. Some might prefer to rub or press against their owner’s feet to show their affection.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or love you less compared to a compulsive head bunter

It is just their way of showing it.

Like humans, cats have different personalities too.


Cats are adorable creatures and have many weird little quirks. I have kept cats for most of my life and there are still so many things about their behavior that leaves me scratching my head.

At least you now know why your cat has been so busy rubbing its head against your phone.

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