My Dog Humps Uncontrollably (Taming Unruly Dog Behavior)

My Dog Humps Uncontrollably

Having a dog that humps uncontrollably can be embarrassing for you and the people around you. I know this issue well as my dog was once a compulsive humper.

It’s one of those doggie dilemmas that can make us blush, laugh or be outright confused. While it might be hilarious to some, or downright mortifying to others

But why is your dog humping uncontrollably?

Uncontrolled humping in dogs can be a sign of over-excitement, stress, or behavioral issues. It’s essential to identify the trigger for this behavior and manage it appropriately to ensure your dog’s well-being and comfort.

In this article, you will gain insight into your dog’s humping behavior and how to get your dog to stop humping uncontrollably.

Is It Normal For My Dog To Hump?

“Male dogs hump more frequently than females largely due to higher levels of testosterone.”

Biologically speaking, it is normal for all male dogs to hump female dogs.

It is how the canine species procreate and it happens rather often when the female dogs are in heat.

It’s common for dogs to reach their developmental milestone by the time they are between 7 to 10 months.

Larger breeds generally take a longer time to reach these stages compared to smaller ones.

A dog is typically ready to reproduce by the time they are about 2 years old.

Male dogs hump more frequently than females largely due to higher levels of testosterone.

Even puppies can demonstrate such behaviors with people and objects as part of their natural development and growth.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Humping Uncontrollably?

Dealing with a libidinous dog isn’t just about having to tell with the incessant humping. ‘Passionate’ dogs are also usually in a hyper mode which can make them hard to handle.

If you have a dog that is starting to get on your nerves with its endless libido, here are some methods to help keep your dog under control.

Sterilize Your Dog

dog under anesthesia

To all you dog owners out there, here’s a winning tip. If you really want to get your dog to calm down, get it neutered or spayed.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour and your dog will be put under anesthesia.

If your dog has never had surgery before, it might act a little weird after waking up from the anesthesia. This is normal and your dog will get over it.

Unneutered dogs have way more aggression in them due to the presence of sex hormones as compared to neutered dogs.

An unneutered male dog will have nearly nine times more testosterone compared to a female dog as well as a spayed or neutered dog.

I know of many owners who think that sterilizing their dogs is a cruel act.

But personally, I feel that bringing more unwanted pups into the world is even worse.

Our shelters are already packed to the brim and many dogs or cats that can’t get adopted are eventually euthanized.

If you have two dogs of different gender who are living in the same house and are not sterilized, it is only a matter of time before the female dog gets pregnant.

Fixing your dog also gives them a better quality of life as the procedure reduces the risk of certain health issues and unwanted behavior.

It also prevents the dog from engaging in undesirable behavior due to not being to seek out a mate.

The only time that you can consider not fixing your dog is when you’re a licensed and responsible breeder.

When To Sterilize Your Dog?

It is possible to sterilize a puppy as young as 8 weeks old but many dog owners prefer to wait until their dogs are about a year old to do it.

Some will even wait until the dog is two.

Delaying the sterilizing process to a later age allows the dog to fully develop before doing so.

Some large dog breeds can suffer from orthopedic problems if sterilized too young.

Teach Your Dog Impulse Control

“You don’t want your dog humping other strangers and dogs in public.”

You can’t expect your dog to rationalize its own behavior since it is an animal.

But you can help it stay out of trouble and curb bad behavior by teaching your dog to control its impulses.

It helps in maintaining discipline, ensures safety and promotes better social interactions with other animals and people.

This form of training will come in handy when your dog is starting to get hyper from its sexual energy.

You don’t want your dog humping other strangers and dogs in public.

It can result in conflicts when your dog humps other dogs that don’t like getting humped.

Impulse control can also stop your dog from chasing after cars which is extremely dangerous.

As a dog owner myself, I am very annoyed when a random dog tries to hump me, my dog or both of us.

Don’t Use Your Hands Or Feet

There are times when we are encouraging our dog’s bad behavior without even realizing it.

One bad habit I see many dog owners do is using their limbs as playthings for their dogs.

This isn’t ideal as it forms the association in your dog’s mind that your arm and legs are not out of bounds.

And when our dog gets randy and feels the urge to hump something, it wouldn’t hesitate to scratch its itch on your arm or leg.

Another more serious matter is allowing your dog to bite your hand or feet.

It is painless and adorable when your dog is a puppy but not when it is a 100 lbs German Shepherd.

You don’t want to be put in a bad spot when your dog accidentally plays that way with a stranger and ends up injuring someone.

Tire Your Dog Out

“In fact, mental games tend to tire dogs out more than physical exercise.”

When your dog is feeling libidinous, it is feeling a lot of energy and excitement in its body.

You will hardly find a lazy or tired dog who wants to hump.

In order to dissipate some of this energy to a more manageable level for your dog, start putting it through more rigorous activities.

If you usually go for a walk with your dog, you can try doing a little dog or increasing the distance of the walk.

But make sure you do not go overboard with the distance which your dog can comfortably handle.

For dogs that aren’t suited for physical activity like the bulldog, you can do more mental games indoors.

In fact, mental games tend to tire dogs out more than physical exercise.

If you have a female dog, it can get more frisky during her heat cycle which happens once every six months and lasts several weeks.

You might want to ramp up the mental and physical activities for your dog to keep her energy levels in check.

Divert Your Dog’s Attention

Your dog might not be after your arms or legs when it starts to feel libidinous.

It is perfectly normal for dogs to hump inanimate objects as well.

When my dog was in his humping stage, he liked getting down and dirty with this small elephant statue that I had in my living room.

When you notice your dog humping something in your house such as a pillow, make sure to remove it immediately from your dog.

Once the object is completely out of your dog’s focus, distract your dog with its favorite toy or give it a command to go to its crate.

If you see a behavior that you don’t want your dog doing, then you need to stop it when you first see it.

So if your dog has a bad humping behavior, distract it when it happens and then give your dog something else to do.

That’s very important.

You have to give it an alternative behavior. Give them a different toy or play with it in an appropriate way.

Make sure to lavish your dog with lots of praise and treats when it does something that you want.

Please do not scold or strike your dog as that will only reinforce more bad behaviors in it.

Do Dogs Hump Out Of Anxiety?

Yes, your dog’s humping behavior could be due to unresolved anxiety.

Humping can be a stress response and is a normal behavior for dogs when they’re anxious.

It’s a way for dogs to relieve tension or express uncertainty in a situation.

In such a context, humping is regarded as ‘displacement behavior’.

When Should I Bring My Dog To The Vet?

dog at vet

If your dog’s humping becomes excessive or if it’s causing problems for the dog or those around it, you might want to consult your vet

If there’s nothing medically wrong with your dog, seek the help of a dog behaviorist to understand the root cause and manage the behavior appropriately.

Why Does My Dog Uncontrallbly Hump The Air?

“A neurological order can cause involuntary cramps in your dog’s back that makes your dog hump the air.”

Seeing your dog trying to hump the air can seem like a peculiar behavior but it’s fairly common.

This behavior might be a result of excitement, stress or seeking attention especially if your dog has learned that humping gets them immediate attention from you.

Air humping can also be associated with a medical issue such as urinary tract infections or a neurological disorder.

A neurological order can cause involuntary cramps in your dog’s back that makes your dog hump the air.

Your dog can seem confused and scared when it happens and there seem to be no consistent triggers for it.

How Do I Calm Down My Horny Dog?

Your dog’s behavior that may seem “amorous” or overly enthusiastic can often be attributed to behavioral problems.

While we may label some dog behaviors as “horny,” it’s crucial to understand that these actions often have non-sexual origins.

Such behaviors can be related to hormonal changes in unneutered dogs, a response to certain stimuli, anxiety or simply a way to assert dominance.

There are days when your dog channels its inner Casanova and suddenly every couch leg or unsuspecting human’s shin becomes ‘humpable’.

First off, do not encourage the love saga between your dog and the ‘victim’.

Instead, divert your dog’s attention with a toy or a treat.

If your dog’s amorous advances don’t cease, it might be time to consider a trip to the vet for neutering or spaying.

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