Can I Give My Dog Vitamin Water?

can dogs drink vitamin water

In today’s world, more and more people are starting to shift towards a healthier approach. They do so by giving up on processed foods or getting higher vitamin intakes. Since hydration is so necessary, some people are looking at vitamin water as a good choice for their daily liquid consumption. As dog owners love their … Read more

Dog Limping After Grooming (What Went Wrong?)

dog limping after grooming

So you dropped off your dog at the groomer expecting it to look as good as new after a few hours. When it was time to collect your dog, you noticed that something isn’t right about the way it walked. Upon closer inspection, your dog seems to be limping. Why Is your dog limping after … Read more

Do Dogs’ Heads Get Warm When They Are Happy?

why dogs head feel warm when they are happy

There’s nothing quite as comforting in this world to a dog owner than feeling the warmth of our dog’s body next to us. It is normal for a dog’s temperature to feel warmer. But have you tried touching your dog’s head when it is feeling happy or excited? Your dog’s head can get warm when … Read more

Will My Foster Dog Miss Me?

will my foster dog miss me

Boyz II Men sang it right with their song “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye”. And if you have ever fostered an animal before be it a dog, cat, horse or squirrel, you know that sad feeling when it’s time to let them go. If you have just started fostering dogs or plan to get … Read more