Dog Has Tail Between Legs And Acting Weird?

dog has tail between leg and acting weird

When someone says that you “walked away with your tail between your legs”, it’s far from being a compliment. It means that you went away feeling defeated and embarrassed. This saying was probably taken from the behavior of a dog that has been scolded or acting fearful. If your dog has its tail between its … Read more

Dog Shaking After Grooming (Why Is This Happening?)

Sending a dog to the groomers for a grooming session can be a dream or nightmare for the dog owner. Some dogs love being groomed while others regard it as ‘soul wrenching’. Yes, there are many dramatic dogs out there. As safe as grooming is, why is your dog shaking after grooming? Is this even … Read more

Dog Looking Around Frantically (9 Must Know Reasons!)

I thought my cat was the weird done in the family until I adopted my dog. He soon took over the throne with his daily ‘head scratching’ antics. If you are a dog owner yourself, there’s no doubt your dog does exhibit weird behavior at times. Are there times when you catch your dog looking … Read more

Can Dogs Spit? 4 Crucial Facts You Need To Know

Just the other day, I was taking my dog out for a walk at the park. It was rather warm and my dog was definitely feeling the heat with his drooling. Drooling is pretty much second nature for many dogs. But can dogs spit? A rather interesting question that we will be exploring in this … Read more

Can Dogs Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Humans?

Dogs are intelligent creatures and their utility goes far beyond just being great pets. Dogs are being used in the military, police force and even as service dogs for people with special needs. We usually hear stories about dogs being man’s best friend. Does it also hold true for female owners? Are domestic dogs smart … Read more