Cat Sleeping Under The Bed (How Normal Is This?)

gray cat likes to sleep under the bed

Our cats can sleep in the strangest of places. There was a time when my cat just loved sleeping beside the toilet bowel for some reason. Where your cat decides to sleep can matter at times.

There are some cats that like to sleep under the bed. Should you be concerned about your cat’s behavior?

Some cats prefer to sleep under the bed if they feel that something isn’t right at home. They might be feeling insecure about other pets or people. Being under your bed allows them to have their own space.

In this article, we will take a look at the possible reasons why your cat sleeps under the bed.

Your Cat Likes It There

This is usually the most likely reason for many cats. They just like to sleep under your bed. Cats are crepuscular creatures which means they have a different body clock compared to humans.

It isn’t surprising to find your cat sleeping for more than 15 to 18 hours a day. Cats are most active during early dawn and dusk which coincides with their feeding schedules.

Cats prefer to sleep away from the watchful eyes of the public which makes under your bed the perfect spot.

If you are someone like me who just loves disturbing your cat while it sleeps, it is no wonder your cat is at that location.

Cats sleep under the bed just because they like it there.

Your Cat Isn’t Feeling Sociable

grey cat looking grumpy

If you have friends or visitors over, don’t expect your cat to be jumping around and looking for pets.

Most cats will find that too ‘dog-like’.

Imagine if you were taking your mandatory afternoon nap and you have a group of people that just won’t stop talking in the next room. Furthermore, there’s a plethora of odors that are wafting through the air.

Some good, most bad.

You too would wish you could be like your cat and go sleep under the bed to get away from all the human-caused commotion.

Your Cat Is Feeling Too Warm

The heat can get unbearable during the day at certain times of the year.

Cats have a higher natural body temperature as compared to humans. Their body temperature ranges from 100 to 104.5 F which means that they require more heat to stay warm.

Most cats love seeking out warmer places at home but they have their limits too when the weather gets too hot for them. Cats can increase the blood flow to their ears to regulate their body heat.

Truth be told, my cat seems to prefer hiding out in cool places than in the heat. He loves it when I turn on the air conditioner and gives me a look of disgust when I off it.

If you find your cat sleeping under your bed more often when the weather is hot, it just prefers the cool and shaded area.

Your Cat Is Feeling Too Cold

cat feel cold sleep under bed

On the other end of the spectrum, your cat is taking frequent naps under your bed because it is feeling too cold.

Our cats can adapt pretty well to the cold but there are times when your cat just prefers somewhere that is warm and toasty.

If you have heated flooring in your bedroom or a heater near your bed, don’t be surprised when your cat decides to set up camp under your bed.

Your Cat Is Feeling Anxious

When it comes to house pets, I would rate cats as one of the most prone to feeling anxious. There are many things that can spook a cat into hiding.

The potential triggers are too long to list but I will just state the ones that I deem to be more widespread.

Having Other Pets Around

If your cat has been the only cat in the house and you have recently adopted or fostered a new pet, your cat wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Cats do not warm up to other new pets as quickly as dogs. They tend to be more cautious of the new furry stranger.

Hiding in an isolated location like under your bed is your cat’s way of dealing with this.

You will need to help your cat overcome this awkwardness through a proper socialization process.

Get your cat familiar with the smell of the other pet and slowly work it up to them being in the same room. It will take some time and effort but it can be done.

Newly Adopted Cat

It could be that there are no other pets and this cat is new to your home. For cat owners out there who have a newly adopted cat or foster, it is perfectly normal for the cat to go into hiding for the first week or so.

You need to be patient and allow the cat to get used to its new surroundings and to you. Your cat is probably overwhelmed with all the new sights, sounds and smells at the moment.

This sensory overload is making the cat hide under your bed till it adapts to its new home. Give your cat a little while to settle down and it will start to get better.

If you have another spare room at home, you can sleep in there for the time being and let your cat have your room. You can shift the essential cat stuff like a litter box, toys and scratching post to your room to help your cat settle in faster.

Your Cat Could Be Pregnant

pregnant cat hiding under bed

Do you have female cats that are not spayed and are allowed to roam outdoors? There is a chance that one of them is going to be a mother soon.

As the pregnant female approaches labor, she will start to look for a nesting place to feel comfortable. Underneath your bed could be the best spot for her to have her kittens because it is warm and draft free.

It can be difficult to tell if some female cats are pregnant especially if they are not expecting a big litter size. The only way to tell is to get your cat to the vet for an ultrasound.

Pregnant females will usually exhibit these signs:

  • Decrease in appetite
  • Pacing around the house
  • Excess vocalization
  • Increase in nipple size
  • Licking of genitals

The best thing that you can do for your cat at this point is to make her nesting area as comfortable as possible.

Throw a couple of blankets in there for her to lie down and let her do most of the work. Make sure that your cat is done giving birth as some cats can take a 24-hour break before going into labor again.

It would also be a real good idea to get your cat spayed or neutered to prevent any more unwanted pregnancies.

Your Cat Isn’t Feeling Too Well

Based on my experience, I find that cats tend to hide when they are having a health issue. they don’t really like to be out in the open when feeling pain or discomfort.

In the wild, doing so is a sign of weakness and will make the cat a potential target for other predators.

Hiding under your bed will be the best course of action.

If your cat is having a health problem, it won’t be eating well and can even have diarrhea. You need to get your cat to the vet to see what the problem is.

Cat Sleeping Under Bed All Day

cat sleep all day

It is normal for your cat to be sleeping a lot during the day. But if the cat just sleeps under the bed all day, I would start to be concerned.

Cats tend to sleep more as they get older, especially in their senior years. My cat is 14 and he sleeps a lot. But he also shows signs of alertness and hunger during the day.

He will bug me for snacks and go bonkers for thirty seconds when I take out his favorite toy feather.

Lethargy is a common symptom of many medical issues. Take your cat to the vet for a full check up just to be sure.

If everything is fine with your cat, it probably needs more mental stimulation.

Play with your cat more and get toys that it can interact with.

Cat Sleeping Under Bed At Night

My cat used to do that quite a bit a few years ago. His bedtime would be under my bed till the morning comes.

Even though cats have a different body clock compared to us, they will self-adjust it to be in sync with ours.

Cats are smart enough to learn that not many cat owners are happy waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning to feed them.

Might as well get a few more hours of sleep and wait till the human wakes up for work.

If you are a noisy or fidgety sleeper, you might find your cat more inclined to sleep under the bed than on the bed with you.

My cat is a light sleeper and my kitty doesn’t like to sleep with me when I move about too much at night.

Cat Sleeping Under Bed Covers

cat sleep under cover

To some cats, sleeping under the bed might not be their cup of tea but getting cozy under your bed covers is.

Cats like sleeping under the cover because it makes them feel safe and secure. It provides more protection than sleeping under the bed because the covers the cat.

And of course, sleeping under the bed covers means that your cat gets your smell which is the best smelling odor for your cat.

Cat Sleeping In Other Cat’s Bed

Most cats are territorial and aren’t too fond of sharing especially when it comes to their essentials like beds, litter boxes and food bowls,

One cat sleeping in the bed of another cat can result in a cat fight if the owner gets pissed with the intruder.

Although it can be very cute to see two of your cats sleeping in the same cat bed, it doesn’t always happen.

Cat Suddenly Sleeping In Odd Places

It is perfectly normal to find your cat sleeping in odd places at home.

My cat has slept in the toilet, kitchen sink, next to his litter box, next to the shoe rack, on the shoe rack, on my dining table, on my coffee table, on my laptop, on my handphone…

I could go on and on but you get my drift.

Is It Ok to Let My Cat Sleep Under My Bed?

I don’t see any problem if your cat likes to sleep under your bed.

If it seems like your cat might make enjoy sleeping under there for a while longer, it might be a good idea to give that area a good vacuum.

You want your cat breathing in all the dust and dirt while it is under there. Having a blanket or two for your cat can also come in handy when it starts to get chilly.

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