Is It Ok To Lock A Cat In A Room?

As a cat owner for many years, I have to admit that cats are easier pets to care for. All they need is a safe home, good food and lots of tender loving care (my cat feels that I’m smothering it with too much attention). If you are a new or seasoned cat owner, one … Read more

My Cat Has Eyelashes! Why Is That So?

Just the other day, I was lying next to my cat in bed when I noticed something rather interesting. My cat has eyelashes! I know it sounds weird but it can be clearly seen when I’m up close in my cat’s face. The fact that my cat has dark-coloured fur around his eyes makes it … Read more

Can I Use Baby Wipes On My Cat’s Bum?

Cats are known to be particular about their cleanliness. They are fastidious groomers and can spend a couple of hours each day licking themselves clean. As clean as cats can be, there will be times when your cat will need some human intervention in keeping them clean. As a cat owner myself, I prefer to … Read more

Do Flea Combs Work On Cats?

Fleas. We hate them and so do our cats. If you notice that your cat has been scratching and biting itself all over its body, it might be due to a flea infestation. Just the mention of fleas is enough to make most people start scratching themselves. And the worse thing is, we humans are … Read more