10 Creative Ways To Use Your Cat In A Wedding

cat in a wedding

Congratulations! You are getting married and are now busy planning for your big day. Planning for a wedding can be a logistical nightmare if you have a long guest list and unique ideas that you wish to incorporate.

Amidst all the chaos, a wedding is all about celebrating that special day with all your loved ones, close friends and cat.

Yes, cat.

Many couples that have cats are hoping to include their feline companions on this important day as well. After all, our cats are part of the family too.

If you plan to have your cat in the wedding, here are some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.

Can Cats Be In A Wedding?

Before you start making your cat the star attraction at your wedding, there are a couple of things that you need to have in mind.

Unlike dogs who are more sociable, cats tend to be more anxious and fearful of loud noises and strangers. I would think this is what most wedding celebrations would be like.

If your cat isn’t used to such an environment, it would be best to not have your cat present and walking around on its own.

It is very easy for your cat to get spooked and run away.

The last thing that you want happening on your wedding day is to be looking for your lost scared kitty.

You don’t have to feel bad about having to leave your cats at home and not be present at your wedding party.

So keep these considerations in mind if you do plan to get your cat involved at the venue itself.

Whether it is in your cat’s best interest to be or not to be physically present, below are some ideas that you can use to still have your cat at your wedding.

1. Add Some Cat To Your Attire

Lets’s kick off with what many wedding couples would consider to be the highlight of the big day.

The wedding attire or more importantly, the wedding gown.

I’m guessing not many brides would want a wedding dress that is covered in cat prints. Or maybe you do.

Some brides would go with cat-shaped jewelry to add some ‘cattiness’ to the overall look.

For grooms that just want to add some cat to their wedding attires, there are a lot more options available. It can be cat print cuffs, socks or pocket squares for the groom.

It all depends on how far you want to take the cat-themed attire on your wedding day.

2. Cat Wedding Cake Topper

The wedding cake topper used to be very dominant in the 1950s and was seen on almost every wedding cake.

The most commonly used wedding cake topper is of the bride and groom figurine in formal wear.

These days, some wedding couples choose to do without it or have it designed to resemble something close to their hearts.

It is very easy to find someone to do a customized wedding cat topper of the wedding couple and their cat.

Nothing says you are important to me as being part of the cake topper.

3. Mention Your Cat In The Vows

A wedding day isn’t just about coming together to eat and drink but for the wedding couple to make a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other.

Both the bride and groom will pen a short vow that will be spoken during the wedding ceremony.

By mentioning your cat in your vows, it does send a message to everyone present just how important our beloved pet means to you then, now and forever.

A small shoutout would suffice. You don’t really need a 10 min speech about your cat.

4. Cat Plushie

I love plushies even as an adult especially when it is in a form of a cute animal. I have a soft spot for cats, dogs, pandas and bears.

Having a plushie in the form of your cat is one cute way to get your furry friend ‘involved’ in your wedding party without having to be physically present.

However, some planning needs to be done before you figure out how you plan to use the plushie.

Will it be used as a wedding favor? Or as a display piece on the wedding tables?

If the majority of your guests are cat lovers then using it as a party favor might be a better idea.

5. Cat Themed Wedding Favors

Couples usually have a hard time deciding on what wedding favors they should be giving the wedding guests. I have gotten some very cool ones and some rather weird ones like edible cookies with the couple’s faces on them.

Cat-shaped cookies might work for some weddings but you can be more creative with the packaging and more practical with the favors.

Most wedding guests would prefer something practical that they can use.

6. Take Wedding Photos With Your Cat

cat in wedding photo

No wedding is complete without an album to remind you and your spouse of all the special and unique moments that made your wedding memorable.

It is a great way to relive the moment during your wedding anniversary.

Having your cat in the wedding album is an ideal way for your cat to be involved without having to be at the ceremony.

Make it a point to hire a photographer who is experienced in composing beautiful wedding pictures with a pet.

You don’t want the picture to look like your cat is just a prop or worse, it photobombed your wedding photo shoot.

The photos should showcase your cat’s personality as well since our fur babies are such an important part of our lives.

7. Custom Stamp For Invitation Cards

Making sure that you get your wedding invitations out the door 6-8 weeks before the wedding is a good idea.

You want to give your guests ample time to RSVP if they are coming.

Many wedding couples put a lot of thought into the design of their wedding cards as it sets the tone for the big day.

You can choose to incorporate cats onto the card if it can be nicely done. Using a stamp in the shape of your cat’s face or paw is also a cute way to sign off.

8. Life Sized Cut Out Of Your Cat

The recent weddings that I have been to have incorporated a fun photo booth for the guests to take pictures in.

The booth usually comes with funny and weird props that the wedding guests can use to add some craziness to the shots.

Having a few life sized cut-outs of your cat in various outfits and expressions as photo booth props can be a cool way to have your cat virtually present and mingling with the guests.

9. Welcome Signs With Your Cat

Don’t you just hate it when the wedding you are attending is at a venue that seems like a labyrinth?

You don’t want your guests showing up looking flustered and frustrated.

One great way to solve this is to have strategically placed welcome and directional signs with your cat on them.

Don’t forget to throw in a few cute wordings as well such as ‘My pawrents are getting meowied today’.

10. Name A Wedding Drink After Your Cat

You might not get a street or road named after your cat but there’s nothing stopping you from naming a drink after your cat at the wedding.

Most weddings will come with a bar for guests to order their drinks at.

Have a discussion with the bartender to come up with a few interesting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the guests.

Wouldn’t you be curious to try a ‘Meowgarita’ or a ‘Pawsecco’?

Sounds like a very powerful drink for the brave at heart.

Can A Cat Be A Ring Bearer?

Well, yes and no.

Once again, it all boils down to how well-socialized and trained your cat is. I know of many wedding couples that have used their dogs as ring bearers, flower girls or cat of honor.

It might seem like an easy task to just get the cat to walk down the aisle with the rings on its back. But it can be a lot harder getting a cat to corporate.

Having your cat run off with your wedding rings isn’t something you want happening.

If your cat is comfortable walking with a leash on, that is a great way to ensure that you have control over the cat. You can have someone walk the cat down the aisle with the leash on.

Another method is to place the cat in a covered cat stroller and put it down the aisle instead.

The most control you have over the environment and the cat the better.

Warn Your Guests With Allergies

Last but not least, you definitely want to inform all your guests that you might have a cat or cats present at the wedding venue.

As much as we love our cats, you will have guests that will not be fond of cats or animals in general. Some might even have a very serious cat allergy which can be life-threatening.

You have to take these guests into consideration when planning the wedding and sitting arrangement.

Putting a table full of guests who are allergic to cats next to a cat playpen is a recipe for disaster.

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