The Hidden Six-Pack: Do Dogs Really Have Abs?

do dogs have abs

Ripped, shredded, lean, jacked. All the terminology that are used to describe someone who is muscular and very well-defined. A term that doesn’t apply to me, unfortunately. When someone is that fit or lean, one of the most obvious muscle groups that is noticeable would be the abdominal muscles or ‘abs’. Having abs or a … Read more

My Dog Ate A Latex Glove (Here’s What You Need To Know)

dog ate a latex glove

It is very common for us paw parents to experience many moments when we realize that our pet dogs have eaten something that they really shouldn’t have. We know that whatever foreign object that our dog has eaten can have some serious consequences. My dog takes the cake when it comes to eating or trying … Read more

The Dangers of Dog Licking Paint: What You Need to Know

dog licked paint

Many dog owners are aware that their dogs love putting their noses into things and places that they shouldn’t. They say that curiosity killed the cat but it can also cause a multitude of issues for your dogs. A couple of months ago, I was doing some DIY painting in one of my rooms. I … Read more