Can You Overdose A Dog On Nexgard?

gave my dog wrong dose of nexgard

Looking and caring for your dog does feel like parenting for many dog owners. And when it comes to parenting, there will be days good days and bad days. I know of many pet owners who have given their dogs medication with the wrong dosage As serious as it might seem, most dogs don’t suffer … Read more

Dog Keeps Stretching Neck and Looking Up (Is This Normal?)

Most dogs that I’ve seen and had as pets are rather flexible. They can contort their bodies and necks into positions that are next to impossible for us mere mortals. What happens if you have been noticing your dog stretching its neck and looking up? Many dogs stretch out their necks and look up as … Read more

Dogs Lips Turning Pink (10 Possible Reasons)

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our dogs are in good health. It is good to always give your dog a close physical inspection from head to tail to ensure What if you noticed that your dog’s lips turning pink recently? Is it a reason to be concerned? Your dog’s lips … Read more

Are Water Wipes Safe For Dogs? (Answered And Explained)

Dogs can go from clean to dirty in a blink of an eye due to their playful and adventurous nature. My dog, Bongo, loves rolling and tumbling in my backyard and that gets him looking totally gross after he is done. Showering your dog each time it gets dirty will leave you exhausted and your … Read more

Why Do I Like The Smell Of My Dog’s Breath?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the term ‘dog breath’? I’m guessing you won’t be thinking of a bed of roses or the smell of a newborn baby. The answers I’ve gotten varied from fish, blood, rotting carcass, garbage, bad cheese and even poop! Yikes. Where have these dogs … Read more

Do Dogs Vomit When Teething? Here’s What To Expect

Seeing your puppy get sick is one of the worst things that a dog parent can experience. This is why it might break your heart to see your pup go through its teething stages. But do dogs vomit when teething? And if so, should you be concerned? For the most part, the teething process is … Read more