Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep In The Bathroom?

My bathroom is like a chill-out sanctuary haven for me. I got my comfortable ‘throne’ for my number 2 and a big enough bathtub to soak in with a glass of whiskey if I feel like it.

The funny thing is that my cat feels the same way about my (or his) bathroom as well. He will follow me to the bathroom when he sees me headed there.

He even gets impatient and starts meowing outside the bathroom door if I take too long. for my bathroom time.

There are numerous times when I’m about to brush my teeth or soak in the tub and I see him deep slumber either in my bathroom sink or bathtub.

Are there reasons why cats sleeping in the bathroom seem to like this part of the house so much?

Read on to find out the answers.

Cats Prefer A Quiet Place

If you make it a point to observe your feline friend throughout the day, you will notice that your cat has a few favorite spots around the house to nap and sleep.

These spots are usually quiet and away from human traffic. It can be hard for your cat to get quality sleep if you have noisy cats, other pets or if you leave near a busy road.

Many cats love bathrooms for this reason. Our cat sleeps in the bathroom because it is quiet and peaceful most of the time.

Cats have a crepuscular body clock which means they are usually active in the morning and evening.

In between these periods, most cats sleep up to 18 hours a day. They alternate between taking cat naps and deep sleep.

It’s no wonder why your cat wants to find the quietest rooms in the house to sleep and recharge.

Your Cat Likes The Sound Of Water

This might sound unbelievable to cat owners who have tried to shower their own cats but there are some cats that are attracted to water.

And what better place in the house to have water splashing about but the bathroom.

There are some cat breeds like the Maine Coon that are drawn to water. These cats like to drink water from a running tap or even go for a dip in the bathtub.

Therefore, spending most of their time hanging out in the bathroom makes perfect sense. They like sleeping in sinks, bathtubs or on the bathroom floor.

Just make sure to keep the toilet seat cover closed as you don’t want your water-loving cat playing and drinking out from there.


Bathrooms Are A Fun Place To Explore

To understand why some cats are so drawn to bathrooms, you need to see it from a cat’s point of view.

Bathrooms have platforms and ledges that cats can hop onto for a nap. Plus it is filled with so many bath products that it feels like Christmas for your cat’s nose.

Cats are attracted to smell and can spend hours trying to figure out all the weird scents in the bathroom.

Your cat will get tired after a while and will find a nice spot to sleep in the bathroom.

Given that bathroom doors are usually closed, this will pique your cat’s curiosity even further. Nothing motivates a cat more than trying to get into a room that’s off-limits.

Your Cat Has A Sink Fetish

I doubt many of us would find sleeping in a bed shaped like a bowl appealing. But to some cats, it might seem like the perfect cat bed for them to get comfortable in.

A couple of reasons why your cat likes sleeping in sinks.

The rounded shape of sinks makes a good fit for a cat’s flexible body. The bathroom sink cradles and hugs the cat nicely.

Cats like to sleep in elevated places for safety. In the wild, cats aren’t at the top of the food chain and can be preyed on by bigger predators.

Sleeping on higher ground gives the cat a vantage view of its surroundings and lessens the risk of being surprised.

Cats are sensitive to temperature changes and will seek out a colder or warmer place depending on the temperature.

If it is a warm day, you can expect your cat to find a nice cool bathroom sink to sleep in. When a cat feels cold, the cat’s natural body heat can warm up the sink making it nice and cosy for the cat.

Don’t be surprised to find your cat watching your shower while it relaxes in the sink.

Your Bathroom Smells Of You

If you find that your cat prefers to sleep in your bathroom instead of others in the house, it’s probably because of your smell.

It might not be obvious to you but your smell is everywhere in the bathroom like your towel, toothbrush and hairbrush.

You won’t be able to smell anything but let’s not forget that your cat’s sense of smell is almost fourteen times more sensitive than yours.

Cats can pick up scents that we humans don’t even know about.

The reason why a cat’s nose is so powerful is that cats communicate primarily through smell. They use smell to find a mate, mark their territories and show affection.

If your cat has been hanging out in your bathroom on more than one occasion, be glad that it finds your smell comforting.

Can I Let My Cat Sleep In The Bathroom?

There’s no reason to stop your cat from sleeping in the bathroom if it wants to. Most bathrooms are safe for cats to sleep in.

A couple of things to take note of:

Kittens Beware

If you have a small kitten, it would be best to not let it sleep in the bathroom till it is old enough. They are still very small and too curious for their own good and can end up hurting themselves

Close The Bathroom Window

Make sure to keep your bathroom windows closed if you have one. You don’t want your cat escaping or going missing by escaping through the window. Cats can squeeze through tight spaces so it’s best to keep the window closed.

Toxic Bathroom Products

There are some products in the bathroom that can be toxic to cats. Products like cleaning solutions, toothpaste, mouthwash or anything that contains citrus/peppermint scent can be toxic to cats.

Please keep such products in a cupboard or an area that your cat can’t access.

Tap Guards

If your cat loves playing with water and is capable of turning on the faucets or taps in your bathroom, you need a device that can lock the faucet in place.

You don’t want to come back from work to find that your cat has flooded half the house because it had turned on the taps in your bathroom.

How To Prevent My Cat From Sleeping In My Bathroom?

If you prefer to not have your cat in your bathroom because it tends to pee in your bathtub, there are a few ways to go about doing it.

Keep Your Bathroom Door Closed

This is probably the most effective way of keeping your cat out of the bathroom. Just remember to keep your bathroom door closed at all times.

Just remember that your cat is just waiting for that one time when you forgot to make its move inside.

Use A Spray Deterrent

vinegar spray for cats

You can make a vinegar spray that will come in useful in keeping your cat away from the bathroom. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution in your bathtub and sinks.

Don’t worry, vinegar isn’t toxic to cats. They just hate the smell and will keep away from it.

Is Locking My Cat In The Bathroom At Night Cruel?

There is no reason for you to lock your cat in the bathroom. Cats don’t like closed doors and can get very traumatized or stressed when they feel trapped.

If you need to contain your cat at night because it has been disturbing your sleep or waking up the baby, give your cat its own room to settle down for the night.

Make sure that it has everything it needs in the room like a litter box, food, water, cat bed, toys, etc if you need to lock the cat in.


Don’t get too freaked out if you notice that your cat prefers sleeping in your bathroom all of a sudden.

Cats do tend to change up their sleeping locations from time to time.

As long as your cat is safe in there without any risk of injuring itself, just let your cat have the bathroom for now.

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