What Breed Of Cat Has The Longest Tail (The Answer Might Surprise You!)

cat breeds with long tails

When you first look at a cat, what do you see?

Some might say the fur pattern, the eyes, the nose.

Not many people realize that one of the most striking features of a cat is also its tail?

The way it curls and sways in the air as the cat sashays about the room. It looks really magnificent.

If you wish to know what breed of cat has the longest tail, you have come to the right place.

We will be covering all tails, fluffy and lean.

Cat’s Tail Length Genetics

As humans, many of our physical traits are determined by our genetic make-up. From our height to the length of our little toe.

The same goes for cats.

Scientists have discovered that it was the HES7 gene in the cat that is responsible for the length of a cat’s tail.

Different cat breeds can also have tail features that are unique only to that cat breed.

This study was conducted across 250 cats to determine the genetic variations that are linked to the length of a cat’s tail in domestic cats.

When Does A Cat’s Tail Stop Growing?

A cat’s tail will also grow as the cat ages. You’ll notice that many newborn kittens have little cute tails that resemble a hamster.

The tail will grow until the cat is about 2 years old.

This is when the cat is considered full grown.

Purpose Of A Cat’s Tail

A cat’s tail isn’t just beautiful to look at but it has many functional properties as well.

10% of a cat’s bones are found in its tail.

Helps With Balance

The reason why cats are so quick and nimble on narrow ledges is that they use their tail to help them balance. Just like how a tight rope walker uses a long pole to balance.

The tail also helps with balance and quick directional changes when a cat is chasing after prey.


You can tell a lot by how a cat is feeling just by looking at its tail. If the tail is vertical and relaxed, it means the cat is happy and comfortable.

This trait is unique for a domestic cat. The tail of wild cats is normally horizontal.

If the tail is between its legs it means that the cat is fearful or angry and can lash out unexpectedly.

Cat Breeds That Has The Longest Tail

Let us now proceed to discover the long tail cat breeds whose tails are longer than your average cat:

Maine Coon

maine coon long tail

This cat breed is considered a gentle giant amongst domestic cats.

They are known for their large size, amazing fur coat, intelligence and they are great with people and kids.

This breed of cat retains its kitten-like playfulness right into old age.

The main coon cat is also known to be a water lover which is quite the opposite for most cats.

They have tails that are long, fluffy and luxurious.


ragdoll long tail

The Ragdoll cat is one of the most popular cat creeds with cat lovers. This cat breed is also known for its size but not to the extent as the Maine Coon cat.

They get the name from their cute characteristic of going ‘limp’ when you pick them up.

They make great feline pets due to their sweet and docile nature.

This cat breed is known to be playful but not crazily active. This makes them good companions for senior citizens and couples with young babies.

Ragdolls also come with long tails that are fluffy like the Maine Coon.

Persian Cat

persian long tail

If you’re a fan of ‘chonky’, fluffy cats with fluffy tails, then the Persian is the right cat breed for you.

Persian cats are unique due to their facial features. Some call it a face that ‘only a mother could love’.

This breed of cat is intelligent and requires a lot of attention. They can be playful but are more laid back compared to other cat breeds.

Persian cats shed quite a lot of fur and do require frequent grooming otherwise their fur can get very matted up.

Although Persians have shorter tails as compared to the Ragdoll or Maine Coon, their tails are still moderately long that can have a kink or a curl at the tip.

Siamese Cat

siamese cat long tail

Siamese cats are rather distinguishable by their slender and long body, triangular face and non-stop chattiness.

It is one of the most talkative of all the known cat breeds.

They are intelligent cats, very playful and curious cats and can get themselves into bad situations. If you are looking for a hyper-active feline friend, then the Siamese will make a good fit.

This domestic cat requires a lot of attention and affection and should not be left at home for long periods of time.

If you want a cat with a long tail but doesn’t require a lot of grooming, consider a Siamese.


siberian cat long tail

The Siberian originated from the region of Siberia, Russia. This cat is known for thriving in cold and harsh climates.

This is one cat that can grow rather large in size and feels hefty.

They make good house pets due to their affectionate and playful nature. They also like being close to their owners so down leave them alone for too long.

One interesting attribute of Siberians is that they like to play fetch like a dog.

If you plan to keep a Siberian, have cat platforms where they can jump onto as they are very agile and like jumping on high places.

The Siberian cat’s tail is rather long and fluffy and ends in a blunt end.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat long tail

This breed of cat is very curious and investigative. They enjoy checking things out around their environment.

They are affectionate cats that bond well with their owners. If you are someone that entertains guests frequently, this cat won’t have any problems adjusting to having strangers in the house.

The Norwegian Forest cat has a long bushy tail that is almost as long as its body.


bengal cat long tail

Probably the closest you’ll ever get to owning a leopard at home.

The Bengal is a beautiful cat with its unique spotted coat pattern. It’s actually a lot tamer than it looks.

A well-bred Bengal can run up to thousands of dollars and is very sought after by many purebred cat owners.

Despite looking like a wild cat, Bengals are actually very playful and people orientated. Given its athletic nature, they love jumping, running and climbing stuff.

So prepared to have a lot of space and high areas at home in order for these cats to thrive.

Bengals have a thick and long tail which is tapered at the end.


balinese cat long tail
Balinese Domestic Cat walking against White Background

Many have mistaken the Balinese cat for a Siamese and it’s easy to tell why.

These two cats are closely related and have many similar physical attributes and characteristics.

One noticeable difference is that Balinese cats have longer fur than the Siamese. Therefore, its long tail tends to be bushier in nature as well.

American Shorthair

american shorthair cat long tail

The American shorthair has a very lovely coat pattern. To some, the coat pattern resembles a delicious looking marble cake.

This breed of cat sits in between a small and large build. Their stocky muscular frame makes them great hunters.

They are playful in nature and love bringing their owners gifts in the form of dead prey.

The American Shorthair has a rather long tail as compared to its short and stocky body.

FUN FACT: Which Feline Has The Longest Tail?

Here’s a fun fact. The current Guinness record for the cat with the longest tail goes Cygnus Regulus Powers.

Cygnus is a Maine Coon that has the longest cat tail in the world.

His tail measures 44.66 cm or 17.58 inches.

Having such a long poses a hazard as well. His owners have to make sure that it doesn’t get caught in places.

Unfortunately, Cygnus passed away from smoke inhalation when his home caught fire in Nov 2017.

RIP Cygnus for blessing us with your beautiful tail. You will be missed.

This post is dedicated in memory of you.