Siberian Cat vs Ragdoll (Which Breed Is Suitable For You?)

siberian cat vs ragdoll

If you were to put a Siberian and a Ragdoll side by side, you might actually mistake them as siblings if you don’t know your cat breeds well enough.

Even though a Siberian and a Ragdoll are two totally different breeds, they have more in common than you think.

If you are still on the fence about getting either a Ragdoll or a Siberian, it is going to be one very tough call to make given how adorable both cats are.

This article will help you come to the right choice that will be good for both you and your new feline companion.

Let’s get started.


Different cat breeds don’t just appear out of the blue. Many are created from cross-breeding or arrived on our shores by ship many decades ago.

Siberian Cat

The Siberian is a unique breed in terms of background. It comes from a very harsh and unforgivable place called Siberia, Russia.

Siberia is known for its long harsh winters and short summers. Therefore, the Siberian cat is built to withstand very cold climates.

This breed has been known to have existed for more than 1000 years.

The Siberian cat is the national cat of Russia and was a common pet for the nobles for their excellent pests hunting skills.

The Siberian cat arrived in the US in the 1990s and has been one of the top breeds for a family pet.


Ragdolls have a rather short history as compared to other cat breeds like the Persian or Siamese cat.

However, it is an interesting one to know about given their rather adorable breed name.

The Ragdoll was first bred in the USA by a lady called Ann Baker during the 1960s.

She cross-bred an Angora/Persian mix cat called Josephine with male Burmese or Birman cats, thus giving Ragdolls their dark colored faces.

The Ragdoll gets its name from going limp when picked up. The theory for this was that Josephine was hit by a car and could no longer feel pain after that.

Another weird theory was that the US government carried out experiments on her while she was being treated in the pet hospital.

The most logical explanation is that Burmese and Birman cats are laid back breeds thus amplifying this trait in the kittens.

Physical Traits

Although the Siberian cat and Ragdoll do look alike to an extent, they have rather distinct features which make them stand apart as well.

Siberian Cats

This cat breed sits somewhere between medium and large. The male Siberian can reach a weight of 15lbs (7.5kg) and the females coming in at 15lbs (6.5kg).

Given their medium size build, they are rather muscular cats underneath all that fu.

They have a thick coat due to their history of having originated from the native forests of Russia. The coat is water-resistant which helps to keep them warm in wet weather.

They have expressive eyes and a rather long bushy tail.


Ragdolls are large cats and can have the males growing up to almost 17.5lbs (8kg) and the females at 16.5lbs (7.5kg).

If you have ever seen a Ragdoll up close and personal, you will realize how big these felines can get.

These cats are heavy too!

They have a thick semi-longhaired coat and a long bushy tail. Their sparkling blue eyes are mesmerizing and they have a sweet expression.


Not all cats are made equal. Some are more playful, affectionate or active compared to other breeds. Let’s see where these two breeds stand.

Siberian Cat

Siberian cats are very lovable and playful. There are slow to mature and can take up to five years to reach adulthood.

Most cats usually take a year which means that your Siberian will be behaving like a kitten for a lot longer.

Some Siberian owners claim that there is a big difference in the personalities of male vs female Siberian cats.

Siberians are also rather chill cats but have the agility of a leopard. They love jumping and can reach high ledges in a flash.

They come equipped with great hunting skills which allowed them to hunt for food under harsh weather conditions.

Siberian kitties are also very affectionate and enjoy spending time with their family members.



The name of this breed will give you a good idea of what they are like. They have a great temperament and would make great pets for families with existing pets or young kids.

Ragdolls aren’t the most active of cats and enjoy being laid back and chilling with you. If you need to be away from home for many hours during the day, then the Raggie int the cat for you.

Thee cats love being around their owners as much as possible and can get depressed when left alone for too long.

One inherent trait that some ragdolls might have is being cross-eyed.

This genetic ‘defect’ seems to be rather common in color-point cat breeds. However, most kittens can adapt very well to being cross-eyed.

They love following their owners around the house just to be bear them. Many Ragdoll owners even describe their cats as being dog-like.

Care And Maintainance

How difficult is it to care for these breeds of cats? Some breeds require more work than others and might not be suitable for you.

Siberian Cats

Even though the Siberian has a thick and dense coat, this cat breed doesn’t require as much grooming as a Persian or Maine Coon.

A couple of brushing sessions a few times a week is enough to keep the cat’s fur in good shape.

Siberians are high energy and active cats so you will need to dedicate some playtime daily to burn off their energy.

They like playing fetch so that would be a good game to play with your cat. Having high ledges for the Siberian to leap onto is also a good idea.

If you are getting your cat from a Siberian cat breeder, the breeder will be able to share very good tips on looking after your cat.


Compared to the Siberian, the Ragdoll requires more frequent grooming. A good brush once a day will keep its coat healthy and matt free.

Energy level wise, the Ragdoll is definitely more laid back than the Siberian. It likes chilling on low ground with its owner and watching the world go by.

They have their playful moments too as well if you want to initiate playtime with your cat.

Health Issues

Many purebred cats are prone to inherited genetic conditions and ailments. Many of these can’t be cured but can only be managed.

Some of these conditions can affect cats when kittens hence it is important to bring your cat for regular vet checks.


  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Urinary Crystals


  • Heart Diseases
  • Urinary Tract Issues
  • Obesity


What you feed your cat is very important because it can affect its long-term health.

Most owners feed their cats dry food or kibble because it is convenient and affordable.

However, such a diet is sorely lacking in essential nutrients for the cat. Cats need a high-protein diet from a meat source to thrive.

Therefore a raw meat diet with organ meat is the most natural diet for them.

Good quality canned food can also work if you know how to choose one based on the ingredient list.

Ragdoll Vs Siberian Shedding

Trying to find a cat that doesn’t shed much is like going to Alaska and expecting it to be warm.

It just doesn’t happen.

My cat is a short hair tabby and I see fur tumbleweeds rolling across the floor daily. And this is even with frequent brushing.

Shedding is even more noticeable with cats with long fur like these two breeds.

However, how much your cat sheds can also depend on factors such as weather, diet and over health.

Is There A Siberian And Ragdoll Mix Breed?

Truth be told, you can basically mix any two cat breeds in the feline universe.

Although a Siberian and Ragdoll mix isn’t common, it isn’t something impossible since both cats share several similar traits.

Here’s a cat riddle.

What do you get when you cross a Siberian with a Ragdoll?


A SiberDoll!

The purpose of cross-breeding two breeds is to try and remove known genetic issues and improve on the breed of the cat.

This is what makes backyard breeders a bane in the pet industry as they do it for the money and not for the welfare of the cat.

If you know of a breeder that claims to have a Siberian and Ragdoll mix, please make sure that the breeder is legit before making a purchase.

Which Cat Breed Should You Choose?

If you are choosing just based on looks, these two long-haired cats look rather similar.

The main deciding factor would be the energy levels of the cat and your amount of attention.

For cat lovers that want a high-energy cat that requires more attention, a Siberian would be a good fit for you.

iberians also make good cats for someone who has cat allergies.

This is because the Siberian saliva contains less of the allergen ‘Fel-d1‘ which can trigger your cat allergies.

The Ragdoll would be good for families that want a laid-back and easy going cat to handle.

Both breeds are also good with kids and existing pets.

It can be a tough choice but make sure to base your decision on the best quality of life that you are able to provide for the cat.

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