Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic? (Time To Shed The Truth)

are maine coon hypoallergenic

Maine Coons are majestic looking cats and it is well-liked by many cat lovers around the world. But one look at this cat breed and many cat allergy sufferers will think twice about going near a Maine Coon. Given their impressive fluffy coats, it might seem like a potential to send your cat allergy into … Read more

Siberian Cat Male vs Female (The Battle Of The Sexes)

Siberian Cat Male vs Female

The Siberian cat has been gaining in popularity over the years with many cat owners. With its exotic wild cat looks and docile personality, it is hard to not love a Siberian when you meet one. If you have decided on welcoming a Siberian cat into your family it can be difficult to choose between … Read more