Black Spots On Cat’s Gums (Do I Need To Worry?)

black spot on cat's gums

Every fortnightly, both my cat and dog will get a thorough body examination done by me. My family members call it ‘outraging my pets’ modesty’ and for good reason. I make it a point to run my hands all over their bodies looking for bumps and sores that have appeared out of nowhere. I will … Read more

Does Spaying A Dog Help With Potty Training?

spayed dog with potty training

When it comes to potty training my dog, I have to say that getting my dog 100% house-trained was one of the most challenging tasks I had to do as a dog owner. My dog seemed to prefer eliminating himself on the living room carpet Having your dog poo or pee in the house can … Read more

Will My Cat Hate Me If I Get A Dog?

will my cat hate me if I get a dog

If there is one thing that I often hear from other cat owners is “My cat hates me”. Our cats have perfectly trained us to be feline pleasers. I’m sure my cat hates me too for not allowing him to drink the creamer out of my coffee and when I chase him out of my … Read more

How Often Do Feral Cats Move Their Kittens?

In my neighborhood, there is a cat called May. Or that’s what I call her because I first noticed her in the month of May. I would call May the cat more of a feral cat than a stray. She is rather cautious of humans but is happy to eat the food that we leave … Read more