My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing At The Door (What Can I Do?)

My cat isn’t much of a ‘meower’ unless he wants something. But recently my cat won’t stop meowing at the door and it can go on for hours.

Based on my conversation with other cat owners, I’m not alone in this and it can be a rather frequent occurrence for them too.

I’m guessing you’re probably in the same boat too.

In this article, we will be diving deeper into the reasons why our cats meow at the door and what we can do about it.

Let’s get started.

Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much All Of A Sudden?

Your cat could be meowing at the door as a way of trying to tell you something. It seems that your cat wants something in that inaccessible room or to get to someone inside the room.

The time of the day when your cat engages in this behavior is also a good clue for us to go by. Let’s take a closer look at the possible reasons for your meowing cat.

Your Cat Is Looking For You

I am someone that likes working in complete peace and without any disturbance. Therefore the thought of trying to get any work done at a cafe is a futile attempt.

If you are someone like me, chances are you close your room door when working at home.

When I do this at home, it triggers something in my cat that makes my cat meow outside my door non-stop when he hears the ‘click’ of my door lock.

It is a huge misconception that many people think of cats as being aloof and not liking the attention.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Almost every cat owner can affirm the fact that cats desire and yearn for our love and attention. Furthermore, it is important to give your cat a fair amount of quality attention on a daily basis.

Your cat is meowing loudly outside your door because it wants to spend time with you and be close to you.

It wouldn’t hurt to just let your cat in for a few minutes of pets and cuddles before letting it out again.

Your Cat Is Hungry

I’ve learned through the years of owning a cat that a hungry cat is a vocal cat.

If you notice that your cat is meowing outside your door around its meal times, it is your cat’s way of telling you to drop whatever you are doing and feed it NOW!

Trying to ignore your cat when it is demanding food won’t work out well. Your cat will drive you up the wall with its incessant meowing outside your door.

My cat will sleep outside my bedroom door when his loud meows doesn’t wake me up to feed him. This is to ensure that there’s no way I could miss him.

If you have something important to attend to and need your privacy, I would suggest leaving out some food for your cat or feeding it earlier.

That way your cat can have its meal without having to meow for your help.

Using An Automatic Feeder

Some cat owners use an automatic cat feeder to find their cats on time. But this usually means having to feed your cat dry food or kibbles otherwise the food can go bad.

We don’t encourage cat parents to feed their cats dry food as it isn’t healthy for your cat in the long run. Stick to good quality canned food or switch your cat to a raw meat diet which many cats enjoy.

Your Cat Is Feeling Bored

Cats meow when they are feeling bored or restless. If you have been couped up all day behind a closed door and ignoring your car, you can expect to have your cat meowing outside your door anytime soon.

Make sure to spend some time playing with your cat to give it a good mental and physical workout. Cats are natural hunters and enjoy games and toys that capitalize on their hunting instincts.

The majority of our cats are indoor cats which means they need to hunt for their food is no longer necessary, unlike outdoor cats. However, allowing your cat to feel like it’s on a hunt is fun for them.

An indoor cat meowing excessively could be a sign of boredom. Do your cat a favor and get a few interactive toys that can keep it occupied.

Your Cat Is Being Curious

The word curiosity always goes hand in hand with being a cat. They love to explore areas that they have not been to see what it is all about.

If you have a room that is closed because you have a newborn baby inside or you are fostering another cat, your cat will be very curious to find out more.

Many cat owners also refuse their cats entry to the bedroom to prevent the cat from getting on their beds and leaving their fur and danger all over. This can be problematic for people who are allergic to cats.

Your cat is meowing outside the closed door because it wants to come in and take a look. The new and strange smells that are coming from within the room is too enticing for your cat to ignore.

Cats have an acute sense of smell and can pick up odors that are undetectable by us humans.

If you can let your cat it for a while to satisfy its curiosity then that would keep it quiet. But if you are fostering an injured cat or one that could transmit a parasite or virus to your cat, it would be best to keep them separated at all times

Your Cat Wants To Say Hello

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work and finding your cat waiting at the door.

I have also noticed that my cat will be meowing at the main door a few minutes before another family member comes back.

It seems that cats have the amazing ability to recognize their owner’s footsteps and even the sound of your vehicle from hundreds of feet away.

Cats are able to recognize and pinpoint sounds due to their sensitive hearing.

In fact, cats have one of the sharpest hearing in the animal kingdom. This gives them an edge when hunting prey in the wild and also to escape from predators.

Your Cat’s Litter Box Is Dirty

Your cat won’t hesitate to let you know that you have been slacking in your litter box duty by meowing outside your door.

Cats are generally clean creatures that spend a large portion of their day grooming themselves and sleeping.

In the wild, cats will bury their waste to hide the odor that can attract predators to their location. This is why you won’t really see cats eliminating at the same spot all the time.

Indoor cats don’t have the luxury of peeing or pooing anywhere like a stray cat. They have only their litter box to use and it is your job to keep it clean.

Your cat could be meowing outside your door because it finds its litter tray too dirty to use. You should make it a point to scoop out your cat’s waste once a day and totally change out the cat litter weekly.

With regards to litter box habits, if you do find your cat pooing or peeing outside its litter box, it could be due to a medical condition like a urinary tract infection or a digestive issue.

It would be good to take your cat to the clinic for veterinary advice.

Your Cat Is In Its Mating Cycle

If you have a cat that isn’t neutered or spayed, there’s a high probability of it being more vocal than usual when it is mating season.

Cats are more vocal during this period as they are looking for a mate. A female cat meows out loud to signal to roaming male cats that she is ready to mate.

A male cat will get more territorial and start marking areas with its urine. It will also have a strong desire to roam outside in search of female cats to mate with.

It could be that your female cat senses a roaming male cat outside your window and is meowing loudly outside your door to attract its attention.

If your male cat is meowing at the main door, it wants to get out and roam for mates.

For cat owners who have yet to sterilize their cats, it would be best to get it done soon. It can help eliminate such behavioral issues and cut down on the population of unwanted cats.

Your Cat Has A Medical Condition

There are some health issues that can affect how a cat behaves. This can sometimes be seen in elderly cats when they have cognitive dysfunction.

This condition can affect cats at the age of 11 years old and the risk increases as they get older.

Feline cognitive dysfunction is rather similar to dementia or Alzheimers in humans. Cats with this condition can’t remember things properly, they get confused and disorientated.

Basically, every day seems like a fresh start for them with no set routine and this can get them stressed out.

For owners with cats suffering from feline cognitive dysfunction, your cats need a lot of attention and assurance from you. It is meowing a lot mostly from fear and stress.

Try to include your cats in your activities so that it doesn’t feel left out.

My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing At Night

This is a rather common issue with many cat owners where their cats just won’t stop meowing at night.

Most of the time, the cats are meowing outside the owner’s bedroom door wanting to get it.

There are some owners that don’t allow cats or pets into their bedrooms due to having a pet allergy. The presence of cat fur or dander can trigger off a bad allergic reaction.

Some cat parents also prefer not to let their cats sleep in the same room to prevent interruptions at night. My cat has the bad habit of walking around my bed in the wee hours of the morning.

There are times when he will start grooming and scratching himself on my bed which can make my mattress vibrate and wake me up.

If your cat interferes with your sleep quality, it is better to train it to be fine sleeping outside by itself.

How To Stop Your Cat From Meowing Outside The Door?

Trying to correct a cat’s behavior can be a challenging experience. Unlike dogs, cats can be stubborn and resistant to being corrected. But with enough time and patience, it can be done.

Give Your Cat Sufficient Attention

It is important to give your cat adequate attention daily even though you might think your cat doesn’t need any.

Certain cat breeds like the Siamese, Bengal and Ragdoll need more attention than other breeds and can get depressed when they don’t.

Spend a good 30 minutes a day just hanging out with your cat and it will be emotionally satisfying for both parties.

Give Your Cat Its Own Area

Cats are territorial and enjoy having an area to call their own. To give your a sense of home in your own house, prepare a nice cosy area for your cat to retreat to when you can’t tend to your cat while it is meowing outside your day.

You can place a scratching post, cat bed and some toys in this special area for your cat. Take time to also play and groom your cat here. You can also take one of your t-shirts and place it on your cat’s bed.

Most cats will usually feel some sense of comfort when they have something that smells like their owner.

Reschedule Your Cat’s Feeding Time

If your cat has been meowing outside your bedroom door at some ungodly hours asking for food, there are a few ways around this.

You can feed your cat’s last meal of the door later in the night so that it won’t get hungry so fast later in the morning.

But if your cat is a greedy furball that is always hungry, feed your cat a little snack just before your bed. It should be enough to tide your cat till morning when you are awake.

Sterilize Your Cat

A female cat goes into heat every 14 to 21 days. This means that she will be one very noisy cat during that period due to changes in her sex hormones.

She will be meowing non-stop in hopes of finding a mate. And your male cat will be meowing to go out for the same reason.

Sterilizing cats is a simple day process and there are a couple of things that you can do to help ensure a speedy recovery after a cat is neutered.

Do your cats and yourself a favor by sterilizing them.

Ignore Your Cat’s Meowing

Cats are said to have the mentality of a two-year-old kid which means they can be acting up at times.

If your cat is just meowing in the morning for no apparent reason, it would be best to just ignore your cat until it settles down.

Sometimes, cats do things to try and get a reaction out of their owners and by denying them that pleasure, you are helping correct their bad behavior.

Using A Deterrent

There are times when you don’t want a cat meowing outside a room door as it can disturb a baby’s sleep or agitate another foster cat.

What you can do is use a deterrent like a vinegar spray (spray the door and not the cat!) or a motion sensor device that emits a loud sound when your cat is near.

The idea is to deter the cat from coming near the door by using an odor it doesn’t like or scaring it away with a loud sound.

Your smart cat should get the idea after a few nasty surprises.


Sometimes it can be hard to decipher the action of our cats. Most of the time, your cat is trying to tell you something when it is meowing outside your door.

Make it a point to check on your cat to see what it wants. Don’t get angry or upset with them if they are just being a pain in the neck. Cats meow for a reason and maybe meowing back at your cat can help bridge the communication gap.

With some corrective behavior, both cats and humans can live in harmony.

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