Maine Coon Cats And Water (Cat Or Cat-Fish?)

Seeing a cat that is wet and drenched is quite a sight. They look like they are about to claw someone to shreds. However, there are some cats that enjoy playing with water and getting wet.

When it comes to Maine Coon cats and water, these cats do seem intrigued and attracted to it.

Why are so many Maine Coons drawn to water or at least have no issues taking a shower.

Maine Coon cats often have a unique affinity for water due to their evolutionary origins, physical traits, playful nature, and hygiene practices. However,  every cat is different and individual comfort levels can vary. It’s crucial never to force your cat into the water if it shows signs of distress.

This post dives deep into understanding why this breed of cat is so drawn to water, safety tips around water, and more.

The Origins Of The Maine Coon Cat

“The Maine Coon cat breed is affectionately referred to as the ‘Gentle Giant’.”

The Maine Coon breed is said to have originated in America.

Many scientists believe that cats were likely to have traveled across continents with early agriculturalists, ancient sailors and Viking explorers many centuries ago.

The lineage of the Maine Coon is traced back to breeds that English mariners or Vikings had brought over to America.

This is due to the striking similarity between the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. The Norwegian forest cat is believed to have been a companion of the Viking explorers.

The Maine Coon cat breed is affectionately referred to as the ‘Gentle Giant’. They can grow to rather beefy sizes when they reach adulthood, many times as big as a small or medium dog.

Despite their hefty dimensions, Maine Coons are extremely gentle thus making them great family pets.

The Maine Coon cat breed is also known for its high intelligence, kitten-like curiosity, adventurous streak and long bushy tails.

This could be a strong reason as to why many cat owners feel that their Maine Coon loves water.

One thing to note is that on a breed level, you’ll find Maine Coons liking water more than many other cat breeds.

However, each cat has its own unique personality and you’ll be surprised to find Manie Coons shying away from water like hot lava.

Maine Coon Cats Water Habits

If you have a Maine Coon cat, chances are you would have noticed your cat indulging in the following:

Drinking Water From The Tap

maine coon drink water from tap

Many cat owners have reported that their Maine Coon prefers to drink running water from the tap or faucet rather than from the water bowl.

You don’t really see this happening with the average cat.

Some have even attempted drinking from the toilet bowl after a flush. Yucks.

Please don’t ever allow your cat to drink from the toilet bowl as it’s very unhygienic for them.

This habit of drinking from taps could stem from a survival instinct of cats telling them that it is safer to drink from running water.

In the wild, stagnant water tends to be stale and has a higher chance of being contaminated.

Sleeping In The Sink

A Maine Coon might develop the habit of sleeping in the sink where it usually drinks from.

It is close to the water source and the sink acts as a nice place to hide away for a nap.

This could explain why your cat loves sleeping in the bathroom all day long.

Maine Coon owners have mentioned that some of their cats enjoy drinking water from the tap while still being in the sink.

Efficiency at its best.

Taking A Shower With You

“Some Maine Coons even love playing around in the bathtub.”

Truth be told, not many cats are fond of water some will sound and act like the world is falling on them if you ever attempt to bathe them.

Not always the case for the Maine Coon.

They can tolerate being in the shower with their owner to spend some quality time. They don’t freak out and try to escape.

Some Maine Coons even love playing around in the bathtub.

One word of caution, make sure your Maine Coon is cool with taking a bath or shower before doing it together.

You don’t want to leave the toilet with scratch marks courtesy of your cat.

Playing With Water

maine coon cat near pool

There are many Maine Coons that love interacting with water. Those that drink from a water bowl like dipping their furry paws in the water and drinking from it.

Some even like pawing and tapping at their water bowl just to get a feel of the water and play with it.

Feel free to give your cat an ice cube to play with and see them go wild.

Can A Maine Coon Cat Swim?

Maine Coons are strong swimmers and can swim if needed. Most Maine Coon cats won’t actively seek out a pool of water to swim in as they prefer not to submerge themselves in water.

There will be a couple who will love jumping and swimming in your backyard pool.

Do Maine Coons Like Baths?

As mentioned earlier, many Maine Coon cats are cool with being in the shower with you but when it comes to actually bathing them, it might be a different matter.

In general, you should have a much easier time bathing your Maine Coon cat as compared to the average cat due to its natural affinity to water.

However, when you combine the shampoo and scrubbing, some of them might get agitated. It is important that you give your Maine Coon a bath at least once a month.

They have longer and thicker fur which has a greater tendency to get matted and trap dirt as compared to short hair cats.

Furthermore, Maine Coons aren’t as hypoallergenic as most cat owners assume. If you have a pet allergy, it might be a good idea to wipe down your Maine Coon with a wet towel once every few days.

If your cat is a Maine Coon kitten, it would be best to start getting them accustomed to being bathed when young.

As they get older, an adult Maine Coon might give you more resistance as they are more set in their ways.

Do Maine Coons Like Snow?

A Maine Coon can take a certain amount of cold due to the furry and thick overcoat.

A cat’s body can be more sensitive to the cold hence not all Maine Coon cats will enjoy being out in the snow.

Some Maine Coon cats like being in the snow but make sure that you are nearby to supervise and to bring the cat in after a while.

They can lose a large amount of body heat through their paws and ears. The last thing you want happening is for your Maine Coon to get hypothermia.

Are Maine Coons Water Resistant?

Yes, it is to a certain extent. This is due to the thick fur that a Maine Coon cat has which helps keep water out.

This thick coat makes them good in snow and water without looking like a wet and soggy cat that just got showered.

Does My Maine Coon Like Being In The Water?

This is something that you can do to see if your cat is drawn to water.

If your Maine Coon likes playing with water, bathing your cat will be a lot easier and having a pool of water to play in can help stimulate your cat’s senses.

Firstly, a simple test would be to put your cat near a running water source and see how it reacts.

Many Maine Coon cats have a thing for drinking from a tap.

If the cat drinks or paws at the water then there’s a chance that it’s a fan.

Next, try filling your bathtub with some water but only to the point where it is deep enough to cover your cat’s paw.

Don’t start filling the tub with your Maine Coon cat inside or it might become afraid.

Once the tub is filled gently lower your cat into the tub to gauge its reaction. If your cat struggles a lot when its paws touch the water, chances are it doesn’t like being in it.

But if it feels comfortable and relaxed then you can let your Maine Coon play in the tub for a while.

Testing If Your Maine Coon Likes To Swim

“Do not dunk it in a tub full of water and scare the cat.”

The next step is rather simple. Slowly increase the water level in the tub until your Maine Coon starts to cat paddle in the tub.

The important thing to note is that you should only let the cat play at a water level it is comfortable at.

Do not dunk it in a tub full of water and scare the cat.

If your Maine Coon cat loves the deeper and starts to swim, congratulation, you now have a cat that will be treating your tub as its swimming pool.

What If My Maine Coon Cat Has A Water Obsession?

It is not uncommon to have a Maine Coon that takes its love for water a little too far. A Maine Coon’s water obsession can cause you a ton of work and worry.

Have a tap lock if your Maine Coon has figured out how to on the tap. Keep all toilet doors closed to prevent any easy access.

You don’t want to come home with the taps running for the past 8 hours.

If you have a pool in your yard, make sure to cover it up or keep the cat away from it unless there is someone to watch it while it swims.

This also prevents your cat from drinking the chlorinated pool water which can be toxic.

Other Cat Breeds That Like The Water

If you are looking for a cat that likes being in the water, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a couple of other cat breeds that like getting wet.

These cat breeds include:

  • Turkish Van
  • Turkish Angora
  • Bengal Egyptian Mau
  • Abyssinian
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Siberian
  • Savannah

These are cats that can easily take to water as compared to a Persian.

I think my cat rather climb Mount Everest than get in the shower with me.


Maine Coons are amazing cats and will be a great pet to have for any family. Don’t automatically assume that your furry friend has a thing for water.

It would be better to slowly test it out to see how responsive it is before getting a little wading pool for your Maine Coon.

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