7 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Stretching Its Neck And Looking Up

dog keeps stretching neck and looking up

Is your dog constantly stretching its neck and looking upwards? This behavior could be a sign of various health conditions, from minor discomfort to more serious issues like stomach problems. It can range from simple throat obstructions to serious conditions like Canine Stomach Bloat or Pancreatitis. Prompt veterinary attention is needed for diagnosis and treatment, … Read more

Why Are My Dog’s Lips Changing Color And Turning Pink? (11 Possible Reasons)

dog lips losing color and turning pink

It can be worrying for many dog owners to notice that their dog’s lips are changing color and turning pink. But what can be causing this change in appearance? This could be due to several factors including sun exposure, aging, and health conditions like vitiligo, lupus or allergies, each affecting skin pigmentation in different ways. … Read more