Dog Ejaculates When Excited (Is This Normal?)

dog ejaculates when excited

When my dog was about 2-3 years old, he was on a personal quest to hump every living and non-living thing at home. Once he had a family member in his sights, there was no escaping until the deed was done.

I had to change the covers of my pillows and blankets frequently plus steam wash my sofa once a week. There were times when I even discovered ejaculate on his dog bed. Gross.

Is it normal behavior for our dogs to ejaculate when excited? Some male dogs are capable of ejaculating when excited even when it doesn’t involve mating with a female dog. Dog owners with puppies or younger dogs can notice this behavior more frequently. Neutering your dog can help can down on this as it helps eliminate sexual desire. There are some medical problems that can also cause similar symptoms in some dogs.

Let us take a look at this behavior to understand what is making your dog excited and is this something that requires medical attention.

Why Is Your Dog Feeling Excited?

dog feeling excited

Most dog owners would equate their dogs feeling ‘excited’ as being aroused with the intention of engaging in sexual behavior.

But that isn’t always the case, not for our dogs at least.

Our dogs do not need to be sexually aroused to feel excited

This excitement can also come with your dog having a physical response and exposing his penis or in the doggie world it is affectionately known as the ‘red rocket’.

The emergence of your dog’s penis from its sheath is also known as ‘crowning’. Crowning can happen even without the presence of sexual arousal. This is also common in human males.

Your dog can feel excited when it is playing, getting a belly rub, playing with other dogs, knowing that its favorite snack is coming or even when it is time for its daily walk.

Almost anything that gets your dog’s tail wagging can make it feel some level of excitement.

But Why Is My Dog Ejaculating When He’s Not Aroused?

There is still some grey area as to whether what you are seeing from your dog is actually ejaculate.

Most normal dogs would only ejaculate when mounting and mating with other female dogs. Your dog having its penis out doesn’t necessarily mean that it is having an erection. When your dog is having an erection, you will be able to see two bumps on each side of the penis.

These glands are called Bulbis Glandis and it helps to lock the male and female dog together while copulating.

Not everything that drips out of your dog’s penis needs to be semen. A dog’s semen is off-white or translucent in color with a sticky and thick consistency. It could be something else if your male dog is leaking clear fluid.

Here are some possible scenarios that can make the discharge seem like ejaculate.

Penis Smegma

Dog Smegma is a rather thick substance that can be slightly yellowish or greenish in color. It can be seen oozing out from your dog’s penile sheath. I’ve seen that happening a few times in my dog and it does make it look like he’s ejaculating.

As gross as it might look, dog smegma is actually made up of oils and dead skin cells which act as a natural lube during copulation.

Dog smegma is totally normal in dogs and not something that you need to be concerned about. However, if you do notice some of these symptoms, you should have your dog checked by a vet.

  • Smegma smells foul
  • Excessive dripping
  • Excessive licking of genital area
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Inflamed penis

Some dogs tend to produce more smegma than others and it is more commonly seen in male dogs that are not neutered.

Pyuria In Dogs

dog peeing outside

Pyuria is a condition in dogs that have white blood cells in their urine. This can be caused by a urinary tract infection as well as other health issues that involve the kidney and prostate.

Symptoms of pyuria include:

  • Excessive urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Cloudy looking urine
  • Pungent urine odor

As you can see, symptoms like cloudy and strong-smelling urine can make it look like your dog’s semen.

The best way to diagnose this condition is to have your dog’s blood and urine tested. In most cases, a course of antibiotics is sufficient to clear things up.

Excitement Urination

It can be a common occurrence for some dogs to urinate when it is feeling excited. This is usually seen in puppies that are 1-2 years of age and have yet to have good bladder control. And the good news is that they tend to grow out of it after a while.

Your puppy will pee when it starts to feel excited regardless of the reason. It isn’t going to go away overnight but there are some ways to make your life easier.

Try talking your dog out for more walks to let it empty its bladder. A good rule of thumb is that for every 1 month of age, the puppy can hold its bladder for 1 hour. So if your dog is 3 months old, it can hold its pee for about 3 hours.

The same measurement applies to your dog’s pooping schedule too. Your puppy will be a pooping machine due to all the food that it is eating. Make sure to not let your dog hold in its poop for too long as it can lead to health complications.

The next time your dog leaves a damp spot when it is excited, it might be worth taking a closer look to see if it is urine or ejaculate.

Does This Mean That My Dog Doesn’t Ejaculate When Excited?

This isn’t always the case but it can happen in some dogs. Such behavior might be more often seen in puppies and younger dogs who are approaching sexual maturity.

Dogs can start to reproduce when they are as young as 8-12. months of age. You can think of your pup as a teenage boy with raging hormones that can feel aroused or excited with little to no stimuli.

If you have an older dog that isn’t neutered or fixed, it can be sexually active the whole year round. Even when there is anything around that is sexually motivating for the dog, being in a state of excitement can cause the body to feel aroused as well.

This could also be due to your dog having blue balls from not being able to mate with a female dog.

It might not be ejaculate that your dog is dripping but pre-seminal fluid helps to clear your dog’s urethra of contaminants before ejaculating.

My Dog Masturbates? Say What!

dog tired after masturbating

It might seem alien to you but your cute dog is capable of masturbating when it feels like it. Dogs masturbate in a couple of ways like rubbing themselves against people or objects, licking their own genitals, or engaging in sexually motivated mounting. In fact, scientists have also discovered that masturbation is very common in the animal kingdom.

Masturbation can even be seen in puppies when they start dog-mounting each other be it male or female.

This behavior can start to get more frequent when a female dog is in heat or when an intact male dog is unable to mate.

It can become a compulsive habit when your dog humps and mounts both male and female humans that he sees just because it feels good.

This is a behavioral problem and can get your dog in trouble if he mounts a dog that isn’t looking for it. If the dog being humped is pissed enough, it can lash out at your dog.

There are some dogs that find sexual release by having a wet dream. It is one of those things that many dog owners find impossible until they see it happening to their own dog.

Consider Neutering Your Dog

Neutering your dog can help resolve many of the above problems. Fixing your dog helps drastically reduce its sex hormones which eliminate unwanted sexual behavior and desire.

I know neutering or spaying one’s dog might seem cruel to some dog owners but it helps to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and increase your dog’s quality of life. It can be tiring having to calm down a horny dog on a frequent basis if it has a very high libido.

If you are strapped for cash at the moment, try speaking to your local animal shelter. Some of them might be able to do the procedure at a very subsidized rate.

Your dog’s testicles are removed during the procedure which means that it can no longer ejaculate. But it might take some time to notice any behavioral changes as the sex hormones are still present in the body.

See A Vet

If your dog is neutered is has been exhibiting this behavior recently, it might be a good idea to get him checked by the vet.

Any change from your dog’s normal behavior is abnormal and warrants medical attention. It could be due to a genital infection or prostrate disease whereby earlier detection could save your dog’s life.