14 Weird Cat Behaviors (Why Do Cats Do That?)

weird cat behaviors

Who needs Netflix when you have a cat at home. I have lost count of the number of hours that I have just sat there with a cup of coffee in hand and watched my cat. Call me a kitty voyeur but there’s nothing quite as entertaining as seeing your cat surprise you with many … Read more

Does A Full Moon Affect Cats? (Fact Or Fallacy)

does a full moon affect cats

If you have seen a couple of horror movies before, the night always seems to get scarier and crazier during a full moon. Some early studies have soon that our blood pressure and heart rates are lower during a full moon. A full moon can also help alter the moods and emotions of certain individuals. … Read more

My Cat Hates Being Groomed (The Struggle Is Real)

my cat hates being groomed

“My cat hates being groomed!” How many times have you heard a fellow cat lover say that in exasperation? As a cat owner myself, this is something I find myself muttering under my breath whenever it is time to trim my cat’s nails. Cats that enjoy or at least endure the grooming process without much … Read more

How Long Can Raw Cat Food Be Left Out? (From Fresh To Foul)

how long can we leave out raw meat for cats

When I first started feeding my cat raw food, the one thing that I was most concerned about was possible contamination from leaving it out in the open. Thankfully my cat has always been intuitive enough to know when not to touch food that has gone bad. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave … Read more