Why Won’t My Cat Sleep With Me Anymore? Help!

why won't my cat sleep with me anymore

You look at your watch and it’s fast approaching your usual bedtime. After washing up, you went around the house looking for your cute feline friend. You grabbed your cat and carried it to the bedroom, looking forward to your usual snuggly time. But the moment you put your cat on the bed, it dashed … Read more

Why Do Cats’ Tails Puff Up? The Tail Doesn’t Lie

why cat's tail puff up

There’s nothing like watching your cute kitty enter the room like royalty with its tail pointed straight and high. Unlike humans, our cats aren’t able to verbalize their emotions with words, hence how they feel is primarily communicated via their body language. Why does it mean when a cat’s tail gets all puffed up like … Read more

Do Cats Remember Their Siblings?

do cats remember their siblings

There have been many times when I’m having a cuddly moment with my cat, there’s one question that seems to repeatedly pop in my head. “Does my cat remember his parents or siblings?” I’m always curious to know who and how were my parents like. The same goes for his siblings. But the big question … Read more

Why Is My Cat Running From Me?

why is my cat running away from me

If there is one superpower that I could have, it would definitely be the power to communicate with animals, especially cats. Cats are mysterious animals and can be hard to predict or understand. This is coming from a cat owner who adopted my cat 14 years ago. He is still an enigma to me and … Read more

Is There A Perfect Natural Hairball Remedy For Cats?

natural remedy cat hairball

“Gag! Gag! Gag!” If you have ever seen your cat trying to hack up or relieve itself of a hairball, you’ll know what I mean. Or you might have even unknowingly stepped on a warm pile of tubular mess thinking that it’s cat poo. For many cat owners, seeing our little furkid look as if … Read more