How To Tell If Your Cat Is Special Needs? (Identifying The Signs)

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Special Needs?

Each cat has its own distinct personality, quirks, and abilities. But did you know that some cats face unique challenges and require extra care and attention? Special needs kitties hold a dear place in our hearts, and it’s vital for cat owners to recognize and address their unique needs. Cats with special needs are usually … Read more

Why Would A Cat Pee In A Food Bowl? (Is It A Call For Help?)

why would a cat pee in a food bowl

Cats can be very difficult to read and understand at times. There have been many times when my cat’s actions have defied all logical explanations. When your cat starts peeing in its food bowl, it is natural to feel concerned and puzzled. This isn’t normal behavior for cats. But what could be causing your cat … Read more

Plants That Cats Can Eat Safely (Know What They Are)

plants that cats can eat safely

Do you have a cat that likes to munch on plants? Even though cats are obligate carnivores in nature, some enjoy the occasional ‘salad’ at times. If you keep indoor and/or outdoor plants, you need to know what plants are safe for your cat and the plants that can make your feline friend rather sick. … Read more

What Are The Best Meats For Cats? (Purr-fect Protein)

what are the best meats for cats

When it comes to our beloved cats, providing them with a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for their overall well-being. Many cat owners are starting to switch their cats to a more natural diet. This would mean feeding a diet that is mainly animal protein. Choosing the best meat for your cat can be … Read more