14 Weird Cat Behaviors (Why Do Cats Do That?)

weird cat behaviors

Who needs Netflix when you have a cat at home. I have lost count of the number of hours that I have just sat there with a cup of coffee in hand and watched my cat. Call me a kitty voyeur but there’s nothing quite as entertaining as seeing your cat surprise you with many … Read more

Does A Full Moon Affect Cats? (Fact Or Fallacy)

does a full moon affect cats

If you have seen a couple of horror movies before, the night always seems to get scarier and crazier during a full moon. Some early studies have soon that our blood pressure and heart rates are lower during a full moon. A full moon can also help alter the moods and emotions of certain individuals. … Read more

My Cat Hates Being Groomed (The Struggle Is Real)

my cat hates being groomed

“My cat hates being groomed!” How many times have you heard a fellow cat lover say that in exasperation? As a cat owner myself, this is something I find myself muttering under my breath whenever it is time to trim my cat’s nails. Cats that enjoy or at least endure the grooming process without much … Read more