Why Your Cat Keeps Its Mouth Open At Times

cat flehmen response

Cats are interesting creatures to watch and observe, even while they are sleeping. I’m sure many cat owners have caught their cats staring blankly into space with their mouths hanging open coupled with a strange expression on its face. What is this strange cat behavior? Is the cat’s mouth in pain? Is it panting? There … Read more

Does A Full Moon Affect Cats? Fact Or Fallacy

does a full moon affect cats

Dogs and wolves are known to howl more during a full moon. But what about cats? Does a full moon affect cats in mysterious ways too? If you are have seen a couple of horror movies before, the night always seems to get scarier and crazier during a full moon. Some early studies have soon … Read more

Socializing Hoarded Cats: What You Need To Know

how to socialize hoarded cats

Can you imagine spending days, months or even years in a living space that’s roughly half the size of a shipping container? Not only that. The living condition is horrendous as well without a toilet or basic living necessities. I doubt many of us can even last a day, let alone our entire lives. The … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Cat: Read This Before Adopting

pros and cons of owning a cat

If you’re thinking about getting a cat, there are some things you should consider. Cat ownership is a responsibility and it’s important to be prepared for that. There is a lot of expense, time and energy that goes into owning a cat. Cats require a lot of care, and you have to think about them … Read more